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Not sure if you are watching the Cowboys/Skins game, but they just put an amazing stat on the screen. Apparently the Cowboys are 10-0 in games when Demarco Murray gets 20+ carries.

Can you imagine what would happen if both he and Shady got 20 carries In the same game?!?!

What a useful stat!
Shady said he wants the offense on his back... Only a crazy person wouldn't give it to him
QUOTE (JeeQ @ Dec 22 2013, 01:48 PM) *
Shady said he wants the offense on his back... Only a crazy person wouldn't give it to him

That's really irrelevant to this conversation. HoP always spews a stupid stat about the Eagles record when Shady has 20+ carries, ignoring that carry numbers often get padded when teams are winning.

My point is that if both guys, whose teams never lose when they get 20 carries, got 20 carries, neither team would lose, because that irrelevant stat says so.

Shady should get the ball plenty tonight, given how bad the Bears run D is. If we don't win, it's not going to be a result of some arbitrary carry statistic.
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Dec 22 2013, 01:44 PM) *
What a useful stat!


20+ carries represents an establishment of the running game, and keeps the defense honest. As opposed to when opposing coaches yell at their players for daring to play
against the run. It isn't dogma (depending on a variety of factors, a star back can get more or less carries and still be in an effective gameplan), but there's a reason why those stats exist. It's quite simple really.
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