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Full Version: Some takeaways
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The importance of kickoffs cannot be understated. Next week we face possibly the best return man ever in Devin Hester. If Alex Henery cannot get a kick out of the end zone then we need to find a guy that can. When kickoffs are getting FIELDED at the 25, you're already giving up free yards. This needs to be practiced. If Henery can't successfully get the kickoffs out of the end zone at home, what is scheme and how is it modified?

3rd down defense. The Vikings converted on over 60% of their 3rd downs. At one point they were 6 of 9 I believe. That's atrocious. Earl Wolff needs to come back to the lineup.

Chung looked lost today.

Great awareness and pursuit by Mychal Kendricks on his interception. That was an amazing turn in the game when he did that.

In terms of rushing yards gained, our defense held stout. Unfortunately we were outgained in the running game by a team that ran for a combined 85 yards on 35 attempts. That's 2.43 yards/attempt. If you told me that we'd hold them to that prior to the game, I'd say you will get an Eagles win easily.

Read after the game there was a lot of accountability within the locker room. Guys were disappointed. That's good. You got smoked today, deal with it...then learn from it. Finally put it to use when you need to most.

Birds need to close out the home schedule with a win. Home fans deserve it, and the longer both streaks (21 or fewer points and games won) continued, the more the pressure rose.

One could argue, if the Eagles were going to lose one game the rest of the season, this would be the best one to do so right? Eagles already beat Lions, Packers, and if they run the trifecta on the playoff contenders, it shows they can hang with the big boys when it counts (regardless of one's opinion of the NFC North).

Turnover margin was equal. One pick apiece. They did a good job getting guys open against us. I can only imagine what would've happened if it was pristine conditions last week vs Calvin Johnson. He might've gotten 500 yards. Yes I'm glaring at you Cary Williams

All well-said but let's not forget McCoy--yeah, the one who's leading the NFL in rushing--only got 8 rushing attempts yesterday. Shades of Andy ball if you ask me. That really bothered me.

Also, McCoy drives me CRAZY at times. He is in situations at times where he needs a yard or two but insists on trying to dance and get 50. Sometimes he just needs to fall forward for a yard!!!

But I agree, the defense was horrid yesterday. Couldn't cover. Couldn't tackle. As usual, it was like we were playing without a safety on the field. Was disgusting to watch.
Far too angry about that. Unreal. They're just the Vikings...but Jared Allen is still going to be able to get pressure when you drop back to pass and completely abandon the run.

Also...I know it didn't count since Foles was ruled down...but what was with McCoy picking that fumbled ball up...then dancing around behind the one yard we needed at the time for the 1st and not even getting it?

Foles had a bunch of balls sail on him too. Very reminiscent of the first game against Dallas.
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