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Full Version: Another thing to like about Kelly?
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After watching yet again another of Shady's big run's, I found myself looking for flags that would nullify the TD. I started thinking how under Chip Kelly this team, for the most part, has played disciplined football. Aside from the Jackson punt return that was called back, this team does not seem to take many bad penalties.

I'm sure my memory is off, but I sure seem to recall many bad penalties that either jeopardized games or flat out cost the team wins. In particular, off-sides, procedures, and holding. I still love Andy but IMO, repeated off-sides and procedures are 100% on coaches.

For those stats guys out there, I found this site that tracks team penalties. In 2009, the eagles were 3rd in penaties, 2010 - 4th, 2011 - 11th, 2012 - 21st, and 2013, under Chip 21st.

Again, I could be flat out wrong here but this team seems to be playing disciplined, smart, aggressive football. More so than past years under Andy.

The team is having fun yet seem fully committed to Chip's vision -- on and off the field.
Interesting find, and further proof of how Kelly runs a team.
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