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Full Version: Sad day for Temple Sports
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Gone are
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This blows. They had to cut more Men's to be Title IX compliant.

They will honor their scholarship commitment to all the kids.

A friend of mine's daughter is on rowing scholarship. I've coached kids in baseball who are now Sr's in HS who were considering Temple.

My son has a non athletic scholarship offer from Temple on the table now that he's considering. Makes me wonder. If they're hurting to cut that many sports, what other shoe is about to drop. We were waiting for one answer and he would have committed. Maybe it was luck he didn't yet. Maybe I'll send him north on Broad St. to the alma mater.

For those familiar with Philly sports, Temple baseball was the best program in the area. How the fuck they can't keep that open oh wait, yeah Title IX. Let's fuck it up so equal boys and girls can play, regardless of the success of the team and the damage it causes.

And that's from a LaSalle baseball player, who used to have annual bench clearing brawls with Temple back in the day. As much hate that used to spew in our games, I feel for all the Temple players and coaches current and past.

But the good news. They're going to build a new football stadium for a program that blows. That program has sucked the money out of that school for years.

There must be more coming.

Sympathies to any Temple folk out there. Reserve your football seat licenses early.

Why would they eliminate men's baseball?
In genreal they said that they cut the programs that they didn't feel they could support in the division 1 style their sports are accustomed to and to be in Title IX compliance.

No women play baseball. By cutting five men and two womens sports, they prolly got their numbers within Title IX compliance.

BTW, heard from my friend. Her kid is devastated, like I'm sure all of them are.
Are there girls who want to play baseball? Are there boys who want to play baseball?
D Rock
Dont know nuthin bout it, but . . .

What % of mens sports was cut compared to the % of women's sports cut? If they cut 5 of 25 programs from mens and 2 of 10 programs from women's (for example) then it's likely not all about title9.
QUOTE (Zero @ Dec 7 2013, 04:34 PM) *
Are there girls who want to play baseball? Are there boys who want to play baseball?

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