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Full Version: OT: what went wrong with the Texans
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I haven't been following the Houston Texans much - they're out of conference, so there's not much reason to keep up with them. I was vaguely aware that they were an up-and-coming team that was being built to defeat Manning's Colts, and that they'd made the playoffs the past couple of years. So when I turned on the game last night, I was surprised to find out they were 2-10, and losing last night meant they'd dropped 11 in a row which puts them in the driver's seat for the top pick in next year's draft.

This does a good job summarizing the Texans' problems. Kubiak's stroke cost them their head coach for only one game, but he's probably not the same in terms of being able to handle a full workload. More problematic is that their top offensive weapon (RB Arian Foster) went on IR in week 7 as did LB Brian Cushing, and their QB Matt Schaub hit the age 30+ wall and was replaced by Case Kennum. WR Andre Johnson continues to be one of the best in the league, and their defense is actually 2nd overall in passing yards allowed, but 22nd in rushing yds allowed. Bigger problem: they can't score (29th overall) and can't stop teams from scoring (27th overall). Their takeaway differential is -14, second-worst in the league.

I note that three of our FA signings - Barwin, Jones, and Casey - were from Houston, and the first two have been stellar. They lost Mario Williams in 2012, but still won the division; however, the Ed Reed signing has been a disaster for them this year, he's already gone to the Jets.

EDIT: Still, that shouldn't all add up to a fall from division champs to 2-11 and worst team in the league...should it? Am I missing something here?
D Rock
Actually it kind of is enough to fall that precipitously.

They lost the QB on both sides of the ball. They lost Barwin who was pretty much for them what his is for us. They lost their #1 offensive weapon. Add to that other losses (that you mention) via free agency, and poor FA acquisitions and it easily accounts for the huge fall in results.

They were never a top 5 team in the league. The difference between teams 6-15 and teams 16-25 is not that great in today's NFL. A bad move or a significant injury can have as great an affect on a decent team as a new coach can have on a lousy one running out roughly the same personnel.
Kubiak was fired today as their head coach. Such is the price of failure. As Jerry Glanville once said, "this is the NFL, and that stands for Not For Long when you play like that."
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