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What do you think of Roseman now? Has Banner's Boy stepped it up? Was Jeffie being truthful when he talked about Howie's evaluations in the bad drafts? Is the recent success due more to coaching that good personnel moves?

I think the jury's still out but the signs are hopeful. Certainly coaching is major but I also think that Howie made a great move in prying Gamble away from SF, a sign that maybe success is more important than ego.

Was Howie responsible for 2012? Cox, Kendricks, Curry, Foles, Boykin, Kelly, Brown. That's not looking too shabby right about now. If 2013 yields similar results with Johnson, Ertz, Logan, Barkley, Wolff, Kruger things could be looking up in Eagletown.
... while the jury is still out, early returns on the past two draft classes have generally been positive. Players like Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry, Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Bennie Logan and Earl Wolff are all making an impact in some way.

After too many swings and misses in the ’10 and ’11 drafts, the Eagles lost significant strength in their core. They’re trying to build that back up.

“We have a good group of scouts and we have a good connection in the building, personnel and coaching working together,” said Roseman. “And I think the process is good now. If you have a good process I think you get good results. It’s gotta be that way, it’s gotta start with that. You have to pick the best players and not force anything, and if we continue to do that we’re going to have a good team.”
Linc ...
Need more time to judge. It's really hard to figure out who is truly responsible for draft decisions. 2010/2011 per epic in their futility. 2012/2013 look like they could be really solid.

Howie's best move thus far is getting Chip. If that's the only thing he does right during his stint in Philly, then it could be considered a success. He was diligent and made it happen when it looked unlikely.
Early opinions had me feeling that Howie was out of his league. It is appearing that his player/personnel choices were readily affected by schemes and are appropriately adequate.

Still too early to say for sure.
It was a toss-up for me between too early and good coaching, so I chose the latter. Only more time will tell how "his" crop of players really pans out, and what future players we get. Also, I have to think that a lot of the moves this year were heavily influenced by Chip. But for now, it looks good.
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