What a great story so far. I gotta watch this kid more often. Another undrafted gem. How the heck do these kind of guys get looked over ? I guess in his case Div II and discipline question cost him some real dosh.

But boy, sounds like he's REALLY taking every possible advantage of every possible opporunity. Good for him.
Good for us. Hope he continues to produce and that Lurie recognises that with a eye popping extension deal. Sounds like a great kid, too bad he screwed up somehow in college, but hey, he didn't let that deter him, nor has it stood in his way. Gotta appreciate the Rudy's of this world, not saying he is one, but, you know what I'm sayin'?. I like what he does on his gloves too. Right in his own face self motivation and drive. Good for you, kid.

Gimme some a dat chip on MY shoulder please. I'm a lazy fuck.