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Bocadelphia Eagles John
Up next, Cris Carter.

Last night's focus on Randall Cunningham was very enjoyable. It's amazing how much RC Jr looks like his dad and apparantly has offers from all over the country. What a great story there too.

And the White/Brown story was outstanding. Jerome just went that little bit too far I guess. What a loss. And as for the portion about Braman, sorry Norman you punk, I believe Reggie's wife version of the story, not yours. You were a scum bag owner in my eyes. Greatest betrayal of the fan base in Eagles history, and for what, your friggen ego ? F*ck you Braman. I hope no one buys any cars from your franchises, or if they do, they turn out to be loss leaders and not profitable for you. Not that I'm being spiteful or unreasonable , cough.

Oops, got carried away there a little bit, but I still haven't gotten over the loss of Reggie, after all these years too. Man, guess I'm holding a lot of resentment there. Wonder if I need therapy about that ? Oh well.

Chip Kelly
I saved the Reggie and Jerome one, and last night's episode on my PVR. Great shows.
Bocadelphia Eagles John
QUOTE (Chip Kelly @ Nov 6 2013, 07:27 PM) *
I saved the Reggie and Jerome one, and last night's episode on my PVR. Great shows.

ditto ...

It was great. Randall has a special place in our history despite not fulfilling his potential, for various reasons.
If Cunningham was here now, in this offense, he would be a HOF QB. He would have more permission to "Let Me Be Me". My sons are 17 and 15 and never saw much of Randall and were truly amazed at his skills when watching it last night.

Time heels most wounds. I still have hard feelings about that Dallas playoff game when Rodney got hurt and RC was totally unprepared.

It's amazing the life tragedies he's had and overcame.

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