Pretty interesting historical read on the Chipster:
Like others in the Canon of Football Coaches, Kelly has his own mythology. If Nick Saban is a dictator, Rex Ryan a goofball and Bill Belichick is a genius, then Kelly is a mad scientist, the man who devised footballís best offense at a hockey school.

When [David] Ball arrived at the Eagles training camp this summer, a new teammate approached him and confessed that he found Kelly to be intimidating. Ballís advice was pretty simple: When you see him, start a conversation. "I need a few months for that," the player said. "I canít just approach him." But Ball says Kelly hasnít changed. Heís still the same coach he was at UNH.

Due to his finger injury, Ballís stay at Eagles camp was brief. But, he says, if that was his last chance at cracking an NFL roster, then heís fine with it. Kelly ó "My guy," Ball calls him ó was his coach again. It couldnít get much better than that. After all, playing for Kelly at UNH was, and likely always will be, the highlight of his football career.

In 2007, Ball, an undrafted rookie, was briefly a member of the Chicago Bearsí practice squad. He never actually played in a game for the Bears, but was allowed to watch from the sideline in sweats. One Sunday, long after the nervous excitement of training camp had worn off, he suffered a minor existential crisis.

"I donít remember who we were playing," Ball says, "but I was just like, ĎThis is hard for me to watch. This is just so different.í"

The plodding Bears offense made him yawn uncontrollably. He wasnít even tired, but all he wanted to do was go to sleep.

Football without Chip Kelly had rendered him hopelessly bored.