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Full Version: Was Wondering About How Slim the Pickings Were
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A top 100 list of FA's

There was a shitload of FA's available. almost all who were rated better than what we got. Not to mention plenty of others who could have been had for a 4th round pick or so in this years draft.

Note that the four we got: Williams #60 (11th DB) Fletcher #92 (approx. the 18th DB) and Chung and Phillips didn't break the top 100.

With the cap money we had, we could have gotten any three we wanted and still had plenty left over.

This is a mistake that will haunt us for this year AND next. And btw, Wolf ain't a great prospect either. I saw his college highlights tape and he looks like just another guy. He played poorly last game and still can't unseat the worst S in the league.

Howie let us down this offseason.
Shame on you first of all for addressing Wolff with such disrespect. Give the Wolffman a season before you finalize his potential. Right now I think he's playing about as well as you'd expect a 5th Round draft pick starting in a terrible defense to play like. I know this much, I've seen Nate Allen's ceiling and it's lower than the one in Frodo Baggin's house.

Also you can't blame Howie for not spending money. The Eagles have been frugal bastards since forever. At this point they pride themselves on being one of the cheapest teams in the league on the financial books. But you can put all the blame on Howie for absolutely horrendous FA choices. I can't think of one solid signing off the top of my head right now during the Howie era except for...

The Chipper! The thing I truly loved during the offseason. This is the coach I wanted if we couldn't have Dungy, and when he gave his blessing to Chip I knew it was a sign. I think his coaching style is incredibly entertaining and I do believe he can take us to the promise land because Chip is a winner. As strange as it sounds saying this I think with time he can do what Pete Carroll did for Seattle. Yes, that Pete Carroll. I know, it sounds funny to me too.

That list has Nnamdi ranked higher than other people. That list is flawed.
The Eagles haven't been cheap overall and I think they've felt burned by the dream team, but on the other hand, you can't build an improvement on bargain talent guys and that's what they tried to do.

Simply stated, the DB's are not good enough and there were better out there to b had. One of them is the starting CB for KC (Smith) who covered our WR's like a blanket.

I hope I'm wrong about Wolff but I just didn't see much in his college highlight tape.

So far, if he hasn't unseated Allen, that speaks volumes b/c he's been horrible.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Sep 23 2013, 11:27 PM) *
Simply stated, the DB's are not good enough and there were better out there to b had.

I wonder how many of those guys they contacted and either got a dial tone or laughter? One of the worst defenses in the NFL getting a new coach who has never coached in the league. Not supporting or condoning, just wondering.
Eh, I don't know. I went through the list of available players, and not that many jump out as slam dunk signings to me. A lot of the players available that I would consider better than Fletcher or Williams have some valid concerns to them, or they were quickly re-signed by their team so they weren't realistically available.

I don't think we did too bad with cornerbacks. Williams was pretty horrible in the San Diego game, but he played well in week 1 and shut down Dwayne Bowe in week 3. I think he has the potential to be serviceable, and with this defense "serviceable" is really all we can ask for. Fletcher isn't really a flashy big play corner, but he's at least been decent in the limited action I've seen from him so far. He was also OK in St. Louis, just ended up the odd man out behind Janoris Jenkins and Cortland Finnegan. We'll see with him.

The real need was, and remains, safety. I'm not bullish on Wolff at all. He's still raw, so I guess he gets a pass. Allen should not be in the NFL. You KNOW shit is bad when Coleman sounds like a reasonable alternative. But what else was out there? I took a look at the CBs and Safeties that were available:

Derek Cox = Decent player, but I wouldnt say he's head and shoulders above Fletcher and Williams. Would still have been worth a look though, so I'll give you that.

Jairus Byrd = Great player, but has real injury concerns (still hasnt played a game) and would want top 3 money, at least. No thanks.

Goldson = Great player, would have wanted to be highest paid safety in the league. Given how putrid the safeties are, you could argue it would have been worth it here to spend the money, but I can see why they passed.

Sean Smith = Ok, I'll give you this one. I really wanted them to get this guy. Good player too.

Ed Reed = Old. Probably not worth the money he would have wanted. Would have been OK with them getting him though, but again can see why they passed. Also has injury concerns.

Adrian Wilson = Perennial injury risk. Think he's on the IR this year.

William Moore = Pro Bowl caliber safety, but no way Atlanta was letting him walk after the season he had last year.

Laron Landry = Probably should have been brought in. Again, basically ANYONE would be an upgrade at safety, but also has injury concerns.

When I go through the list of what was out there, I think the shortcomings are more of a byproduct of years of systemic failure drafting defensive players than the front office playing with scared money in this years free agency. There were a few guys I would have liked to have brought in, but I think there were reasons why they passed on a lot of what was out there, so I don't think its as clear cut.
D Rock
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Sep 24 2013, 03:29 AM) *
That list has Nnamdi ranked higher than other people. That list is flawed.

Byrd's the only guy who jumps out on that list, and he was franchised.

Of the guys who were actually available, Goldson's a two-time Pro Bowler who also "only" 29, got a $41.25 million contract, including $22 million guaranteed from the Bucs. I question whether the franchise values the safety position to pay that much, given our history even while BDawk was here; CB seems to be the favored child in the secondary, based on how much $$ they raked out for Nnamdi and DRC, and Samuel before that.

I don't see a whole lot of difference between a guy like Landry and Phillips, who we signed and released. You're taking a shot in the dark on an injury risk either way.
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