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Full Version: Saw Game Film Analysis on Eagles Extra
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They touched on a few things:

#1 Vick QB play - the first INT locked on to the TE and the spy read his eyes and tipped the ball into an INT. If he goes to the opposite side after the look off, he had a nice play available. They showed how Vick's mechanics were bad a few times, throwing off balance and flicking the ball. Showed on the last fumble how he was carelessly holding the ball out.

#2 the play of the OL.

A. Showed Peters' sub par day how he was getting beat around the end and how they had to give him help.

B. Showed Johnson getting set up wide and beaten inside a few times.

C. Showed Herremans getting destroyed by straight on bull rush from a nothing pass rusher. You could see the pocket collapsing time and time again. Baldi said He has been bad all preseason and regular season and he wonders if the 10 yr pro has a knee or leg issue that makes him such an easy take. He looked embarrassingly bad. It's time for a change there.

D. Mentioned how little room Vick had to operate as the pocket broke down from all directions so many times. His escapability saved what should have been a ten sack game and made it a six sack game. Also showed how Cooper and Avant didn't beat press coverage and were "credit card" open (ie had the space of a credeot card between WR and CB.

E. As bad as Johnson was, they showed how horrible Fisher was. Ray said even the blue chippers are rookies.

#3 The Defense.

Baldi said the KC offense stinks. Same thing Jaws said on 975 this afternoon.

Smith didn't throw a ball over 15 yards down field.

There were no adjustments. Avery ran the same crossing pattern where as soon as he catches the ball, the other three WR's block our DB's and Avery runs for yards and yards and yards. The way to defeat that, is you move the DB's up and you have one of your LB's level the WR as he's running across the field. End of play. We didn't do it once.

The other play was the pass in the flat to Charles. They ran this many times and we didn't have a LB in the area until 8-10 yards down field. You could tell by the replay, we didn't have one ounce of adjustments on these plays as they ran them time and time again. If it is possible for me to have more concerns about Davis, I guess I do. It was really basic adjustments we didn't make. Basic.

#4 Special Trams

The fair catch, BWest said the guy needs to be square, like he should be taught to be as he catches the ball. This way if you are square and you lose it, the ball drops right in front of you. You could see Johnson try to catch it on the side so when he drops it, it ricochets far away.

All in all, we lost a very winnable game against a solid vanilla defense that won the one on one battles at the LOS and with the WR's and couldn't create a turnover from an offense that sucks and gave them the avenue to win, a five turnover margin.

It replays tonight at 11:00 PM on either Comcast Sportsnet or the Comcast network channel (8 or 9 in Phila)
Thanks, Mikey. About what I expected. Vick played poorly, but was given no help from his OL against a four man rush, allowing KC to keep their secondary in tact and give our wideouts little room to work.

The defensive stuff is concerning. The naked eye could see those two plays you described working time and again. Hard to believe an adjustment wasn't made.
The pass in the flat the Eagles were leaving open by design. You got to give the D something and they chose to give up those shallow routes and that strategy really didn't hurt them.

It was those crossing routes that killed them on numerous occasions. The problem is they didn't have those routes on film so they were unable to prepare and preparation is what the game is all about.

Some of the problems in pass pro resulted from Vick holding the ball forever.
D Rock
QUOTE (koolaidluke @ Sep 24 2013, 02:40 AM) *
The problem is they didn't have those routes on film so they were unable to prepare and preparation is what the game is all about.

That's the point. By the 2nd half, they'd seen enough of it to no longer be surprised by it. No Adjustment = Poor Coaching.
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