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Full Version: Kelly's conservative offense
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Here's a look at the Eagles through FishDuck eyes:
Kelly has made other questionable calls. He has relied very heavily on LeSean McCoy, who has been outstanding — he leads the NFL in rushing. But Bryce Brown has had few snaps, and Chris Polk none. Shady left Game 3 just before halftime with an ankle injury, which turned out to be minor, but 20-30 predictable runs up the middle is begging for McCoy to be injured. In contrast, Kelly has called very few plays for his large stable of tight ends after featuring them heavily in the preseason.

Worst of all, Kelly is losing with a conservative, often conventional attack
unlike anything seen in Oregon for years. After wowing football fans with his Oregon-style attack in Game 1, Kelly showed a much more typical NFL offense in Game 2. That was fine, since the offense was still very successful (30 points and 511 yards). After two games, Shady led the league in rushing, DeSean was the receiving leader, and Vick was 3rd in QB passer rating (behind only Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning).

It’s hard to see even now how anyone has “figured out” Chip’s offense; the Eagles have 1,385 yards of total offense after three games, the most in team history. As far as I could see, Kansas City did not have a strategy that led to those turnovers or the failed pass blocking by the Eagles’ offensive line. It was more a question of players getting beat, one-on-one.
Here ...

The RB and TE things have bugged me. No doubt Shady needs carries, especially because it's working. Although I have some trepidation about Brown's fumble-itis I don't think he's lost one since the season began. Polk looked good in preseason and I can't figure why an offense based on the run and looking for 90+ plays per game can't work in a few carries for him. In preseason we also saw some interesting TE heavy plays. Why aren't we seeing them now, especially like Thursday when the Chiefs were keeping DJax out of the game?
The way Kelly explained it in his press conference was that it's not so much what Casey hasn't done, it's what Celek and Avant have done. Both of those guys have outplayed Casey (and Ertz), so he didn't want to take Celek or Avant off the field to provide more playing time for the other two. He said Celek is in great shape and never appeaars tired.
Didn't Casey have that crippling drop in the end zone in the Chargers game? If you make costly mistakes you might not get a lot of other opportunities.

Re Fishduck: they are just sore that Kelly has "betrayed" them by not implementing his Oregon offense wholesale in the NFL. He used some exotic plays against the Redskins because he had them reeling and was trying to take advantage. The Chargers and Chiefs games were dogfights so he stuck with more high percentage stuff.

That said, his play calling has not been conventional play calling at all so far. Those passes Vick threw against the Chargers were almost all package plays and Vick made the Chargers pay for selling out against the run the way they did. Johnny Football ran a more conventional pro offense against Alabama then Vick did against the Chargers or Chiefs. The problem for Vick in the Chiefs game was the Chiefs refused to sell out to stop McCoy and forced Vick to go through his reads, not exactly his strong suit.
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