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Full Version: Anything good they did tonight...
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was completely overshadowed by the bad shit, and there was a whole lot of bad shit tonight.
Dr. Claw
QUOTE (SAM I Am @ Sep 19 2013, 11:29 PM) *
was completely overshadowed by the bad shit, and there was a whole lot of bad shit tonight.

the offensive line (particularly, Kelce and Herremans) were pretty putrid.

defense still can't stop on 3rd down.

when you take away LeSean and DeSean, this team is pretty much nothing much on offense. forces Vick into bad decisions (or no decisions).

turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.

an unnecessary 2 point conversion.

list goes on...

This team just can't play as a team... All three phases of the team can't play as one unit. If offense sucks the D, is good. If the D sucks, the offense is good. We are garbage. Reality just set in. Everything we've done the past two weeks is but a mirage. This looks like the same team as last year, clumsy. Struggling with the fundamental aspect of football. McCoy and Vinny Curry are the only bright spots in this game. The Todd father got abused repeatedly... Maybe we let Watkins walk to soon. This team is a mess.
How turnovers does that make? 5?
At least in the abortion of a season last year the team started 3-1, then the wheels fell off the bus and they were cooked by week 8 or 9. This year, these shitheads couldn't even give us the courtesy of making it until week 4 before we realized we were completely out of it.

The Browns are completely tanking, but for fucks sake, at least they get an extra first rounder to show for it. sad.gif

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