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Full Version: Eagles Need To Win tonight
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True or False?

I say true.

They lose tonight, I think any playoff aspirations, as rare as they are, are done.

I think we win tonight.

I think that Chip's offense is the best unit on the field and that wins out in the end.

Iggs 34-31.
No question.

As cliche as it sounds to be throwing out terms like "must win" in week 3, this is about as close as it comes. With a three game road trip ahead, including next week at Denver, things could get out of hand really quickly.

The only real silver lining I see is that the rest of the division looks pretty bad so far, so going into week 7 with a record like 2-4 wouldn't necessarily be a death sentence with:

1). a string of home divisional games coming up and
2). The likely division leader being something like 4-2, if that.

Also, the schedule gets much softer after week 10, so if they can get to the bye with a halfway decent record they've got a shot, but picking up "winnable" games like tonight is
key to that.
False. The division is up for grabs. Even at 1-2, we have a division win against WAS and NYG & WAS are (currently) 0-2. Plenty of season to go, before we consider any game a must win.

I would say this as a character building game. This will let us know what we are made of and whether the holes are over stated and exaggerated.
Losing tonight will result in yall ending up in second worst. If the Cowboys lose against the Rams, you would still be tied for first. The other two teams have divisional losses so ties with them don't matter at the moment.
Agree with Phits. 8-8 could get into the playoffs in our division this year.

Also agree with the "character building" element. It's a big game, primarily to see how they bounce back after the disappointing loss.
I can't believe everybody thinks the Eagles are going to drop 30+ on the second best defense in football. And if you think the Chiefs can put up over 24 on the Eagles you obviously haven't seen the KC offense. It is ridiculously awful, as I'm sure Dreagon would be happy to tell you.

If the Eagles lose tonight it won't really damage their playoff chances too badly. They would be 1-2 with only two games on the schedule that will be very difficult for them to win (Broncos and Packers). Even if we assume that they lose both of those games as well, that's 1-4 but then a whole bunch of cream puffs:

(not in order)
Dallas twice
Giants twice

Those teams all stink.

A loss tonight matters about as little as a loss possibly can sans it being one of those games where the playoff seed has already been clinched.

KAL - I think you're overrating these early games as it relates to KC's offense. As much as you believe the Eagles defense will get better, the Chiefs offense is far more likely to improve as things progress.

When comparing units, they have more talent offensively than the Eagles have defensively.

I bet they're an extremely efficient offense by the end of the year. Ala the 2006 Eagles with Garcia at the helm. And that has a chance to come out on any given week, especially against a shit defense.
Bocadelphia Eagles John
Playoffs ?


Oh man, that's good ! Playoffs.
D Rock
QUOTE (koolaidluke @ Sep 19 2013, 06:27 PM) *
I can't believe everybody thinks the Eagles are going to drop 30+ on the second best defense in football.

They're not. They're going to drop 30 on the FOURTH best defense in football. And do it with the SECOND best offense in football.


And they played the freaking JAGS in week one vs. the vaunted Blaine Gabbert and Maureec Olds Drew. That barely even counts.

Chief's D is solid, but not so great as you seem to think.
The Chiefs are a terrible matchup for the Eagles defensively. Look at what Stanford did to Oregon last year. Vick always implodes against split safeties, and KC is one of the few teams that can stop the Eagles from running without stacking the box.

If the Eagles score 30+ on the Chiefs then you can bet that they are going to score about 500 points this season and be one of the greatest offenses of all time.
I say False.

First let me say, I didn't and still don't think this team is going to the playoffs in this transition year.

But with that said, starting out at 1-2 in an 18 game season is too early to proclaim any team out of the playoffs, including this transition team, which I expect/hope to see improve as the season progresses. Just don't believe it will be enough to get them into the playoffs.

But again, I do like surprises biggrin.gif

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