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Traditionally the play is HOME DAWGS on Monday Night. It is one of the most sure fire trends in Pro Football over the years, and for that reason I strongly suggest everyone save their money if they are gunning to play the Eagles this Monday, good things come to those who wait and you just might get a visit from some ghosts of Eagles past... after all just listening to Sheldon Brown when he advises, "the team that plays the best on special teams usually wins the game. Field position will be key in a game like this." can easily conjur some haunting images of Ike Reese knocking loose a fumble or Allen Rossum taking it to the house.

I ain't saying the Eagles are going to definately lose, but I am advising that there are some much stronger plays on the card for the NFL this weekend.

PITTSBURGH -7 v Tennessee

Do you mean to actually tell me that if this game was in Tennessee the spread would be ONE POINT (based on the standard six point swing)?

ONE POINT? Buy low kids, this is a more than solid play, even juicier for teaser combos. Anyone who saw McNair in the preseason knows what I'm talking about. He's through, the team is WEAK.

Don't sweat the supposed lack of a running game for Pitt. They will rumble, maybe by two touchdowns-- GET while the gettin's good!


Basically you're laying three for the home field edge. Seattle is an overrated team on the decline while the Jaguars are the exact opposite. Two mountainous DT's are going to clog the lanes for Shaun Alexander all day long and basically put Hasselbeck and his suspect receiving corps in the uneviable position of having to defeat a pretty impressive defense.

Meanwhile, Seattle's defense is atrocious. Go with the smart play, gimme the team that was shut out of the playoffs with 9 wins last season over the team who won the same amount of games over weaker competition and BACKED into the playoffs.. The home team, the better team, the better conference, STATEMENT GAME-- Jaguars all the way.

ST. LOUIS -6@ San Fransisco

"Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight." Ron Burgundy The Anchorman.

Yes, Bulger and Jackson are good for three to four touchdowns betwen them, at least. Where is that type of production going to come from when the 49ers have the ball? Times up.

Sure, there's been alot of talk about the Rams offensive line and how dilapitated it is. But the last time I checked they still have Bulger throwing to Holt and Bruce and a fleet footed and bruising back who is the envy of the league.

Rams defense can mail this game in and the Rams still win by double digits.

DENVER -4 1/2 @Miami

I know what some of you are thinking, why do I have to pick on the retarded kid?

To that I say, this is gambling and the kid belongs at LSU. You wanna talk about a coach whose SHOWN ME SOMETHING IN THE BIGS? Let's talk Mike Shanahan. He's got a STABLE of studs and he's smelling a shot at the Super Bowl THIS SEASON. Do you think for one second he's going to ALLOW Nick Saban with that depleted roster of his get anywhere near a victory this weekend? Guess again. Mike Anderson rolls for two TD's and Denver chop blocks their way to a week one massacre (chop blocking between the tackles of course).

SAN DIEGO -4 1/2v. Dallas

When it comes to gambling I LOVE Cowboys fans. Think about it, how many times have you seen a spread move MORE IN FAVOR of the Cowboys during the week? It just doesn't happen because their fans are SO FUCKING STUPID.

If those assholes want to believe that Parcells has developed a top five defense through the draft-- fine. If they want to believe that they can steal a game from a serious offense on the road because Gates isn't playing, great.

I'll go with what was tried and proven last year-- Stronger AFC team at home against an overhyped unproven NFC team.


GREEN BAY +118 @ Detroit

Not a strong play here, but if you looking for diamonds in the rough and don't like playing the spread forget the points, tell your bookmaker to KEEP IT and roll with the Packers against the Lions.

Just don't say I didn't warn you before hand... this contest could clearly go either way. Good thing that Detroit got rid of the dome... but we'll revisit THAT trend in weeks seven and ten.

Yes, I am ready for some football now!

Good stuff man -- enjoy the commentary.

I'm not betting on NFL yet, may start later in the season as I see how things go.

Hope you keep it coming, it's an enjoyable read.
QUOTE (md717 @ Sep 10 2005, 03:00 PM)
Good stuff man -- enjoy the commentary.

I'm not betting on NFL yet, may start later in the season as I see how things go.

Hope you keep it coming, it's an enjoyable read.

well join the wagerline pick 'em pool.

No money, just for kicks, and my picks will always be there.

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