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Full Version: My Lack of Confidence and Patience
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Bocadelphia Eagles John
Whenever the Eagles loose a game, I become completely irrational. And it usually lasts about a week. And even at my best, my rationality is tempered by high emotion which causes my rational side to make corrections later. It's kind of a character flaw and major weakness.

When I read the very first reports about Davis I was I was not impressed and I didn't like to hear what I was learning.

But now, having watched pre-season and 2 league games, I am biting at the bit with anxiety. I can't handle the idea that a new D scheme takes time to implement. I look at the D roster and I can't see anyone who I can call a game changer. And witnessing the on field disaster this early is disgusting.

Asking me to be patient is pointless. I can't take too many more of those, wait till next year or even next game, attitudes. For me the time has always been now when it comes to the Eagles.

My clock is ticking. And the Eagles don't seem to understand that.

I'm in a huge funk. I have to keep reminding myself it's only a game. But that doesn't seem to help.

I have tix to go to Tampa next month with a few of my buds. In the meantime I better go take in some Miami or FAU games to keep me half way sane. It's depressing I tell 'ya !

And even though Arsenal is playing some good soccer, it's not enough to give me something else to lean on. For me it's all Eagles. Wish it weren't so, but, it is.

Damn !
Yeah Boca, you deem seem more on edge than normal.

You make me look calm cool and collected.

We'll at least if I'm going to jump off that bridge, I'll know you'll be further out on the ledge to give me time to reconsider.

I don't have patience for anything less than an 8-8 year. We had plenty of offensive talent to start, plenty of high picks and cap money for FA to improve and it is not acceptable to be worse than that.

Next year, it should be the playoffs.

37.5% of the teams in the NFL make the playoffs. 28% of teams who were 4-12 the year before make the playoffs. It's doable. Get it done.
Perk up is what I say. Defense looked bad last week no doubt. But atleast the D is physical, and DOES get turnovers. We've got to do better on 3rd down, but I believe we'll get better in that regard as the season goes along. I've seen improvment with stripping the ball this year. THAT'S what Bill Davis brought to the table. The only thing I question is if Rivers knew what the D was going to run because they figured out what the posters on the sideline meant... On the flip side. Offense put up 30 plus 2 weeks in a row. IF the defense starts having some half way decent games, playoffs are definitely not outta the question. And it's obvious who the best team in the NFC east is.
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