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Full Version: 3 fucking times
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DJax was wide open and he didn't get it to him.
The fourth time's a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Claw
QUOTE (SAM I Am @ Sep 15 2013, 03:12 PM) *
The fourth time's a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol. I came here to say that.

Vick has been middling today, but I'll take this season's Vick over last season's.
I was in the 200 level and was watching and kept an eye on DJax and how theyt covered him. Every time that they had one deep S in center field and man to man on DJax I would say DJ one on one. Vick would go back, look to the other side to draw the safety over and then turn and throw it down to DJax. He was open, but Vick missed him 3/4 of the time. Vick has always been able to hit open WR's. Last week's struggles early combined with this week's is a little concerning. I'm wondering if the focus on Vick's running and read option has taken away some throwing fundamentals.

All in all though, MV is thrid in the NFL with a 119 passer rating.

Add his runs to that and he may be the best two perfoming QB in the NFL so far.

I'll take it.
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