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Full Version: Best read I've seen yet
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The Power of the Chip Kelly offense

Just Wow.

That is some crazy shit.

Can you imagine what the DC of SD is doing right now?

He's shitting gold bricks.

And to think how well it ran with all the mistakes Vick made is very impressive.

This is a great read. Should be mandatory for all Wingheads.
Great read thanx for sharing
Good find 'Nabby.

For years, defenses have spent their time cooking up game plans that are designed to stop Vick, arguably the greatest rushing quarterback in NFL history, from getting an opportunity to run with the football. Pundits, coaches, and players alike have insinuated all throughout this offseason that merely hitting the quarterback will be enough to bring the read-option to a screeching halt. And here, on this play, the sea parts in front of Vick on a read-option play and Washington basically invites him to run untouched up the field. That's the power of the Chip Kelly offense. When you try to take away everything, you're left giving up the one thing you swore you wouldn't.
Remember when Kelly said that the teaching would go at the pace of the fastest learners? Now that makes sense. This isn't just the schemes, it's all about training the players to live and respond in a certain way. That's where he will have an edge. Others may dissect and copy the plays but the way the players are programmed is important to the success.

It'll be interesting to see if that works with Vick, he has decades of programming to unlearn.
This is pretty interesting

Chip called the same play 5 times. In the first quarter!
I have been doing the same thing in Madden for years. The principle is the same.
very good read I enjoyed it very much and will be following this guy throughout the season
Generally when you want to run the ball, you don't want to spread the field because the defense will then cheat to stop the run and you won't have the blockers in the box to clear them out. And the Redskins did just that (for all the good it did them). But the teams Kelly played in college did the same thing and Oregon would just murder them on bubble screens.

There is no comparison between the ultra quick passing you see teams like the Patriots use and the quick passes Chip uses. Chip isn't using the short passes to move the ball through the air but rather to take advantage of defenses lack of discipline. In Chips system the short pass is actually a fundamental part of the run game. It's a really cool idea and without taking anything away from Chip, I'm really surprised it hasn't been used more extensively before. I think one reason may be that run first teams are more likely to by their nature prefer tighter formations so

It's also pretty easy to find a QB who only needs to execute the "1.5 second" pass and the play action. Even guys like Joe Webb could run this offense.

Where the Eagles offense is likely to run into trouble is when they play defenses that can hold the line up front and stay properly aligned, against the short pass as much as against the run. When defenses do those two things the run is contained and that eliminates the bubble screens and the play action. All of a sudden, Vick has to stand in the pocket, go through his reads and make good decisions.
QUOTE (koolaidluke @ Sep 13 2013, 07:45 PM) *
All of a sudden, Vick has to stand in the pocket, go through his reads and make good decisions.

And we all know how that turns out...
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