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Full Version: So, is Dallas worried?
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That football genius and all pro owner, Jerry Jethro Jones likes the Eagles' offense and thinks it will give his team trouble.
Jerry Jones wasnít expecting the Philadelphia Eagles offense to look as fast as it did Monday night.

The Eagles ran 30 plays in the first quarter and 53 in the first half, entering the third quarter with a 26-7 lead over the Washington Redskins, the defending NFC East champs.

But that offensive style is something that will probably get figured out by NFL defensive coordinators, right?

Well, Jones said he doesnít necessarily think thatís the case.

ďItís always been a challenge for our team, so some combination of that is pretty sound relative to getting plays off and keeping the defense a little disjointed,Ē Jones told the New School show Tuesday morning on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. ďI think itís also sound, too. I think itís a good, crisp way to run a football team. I donít know that thatís a fad. I think that stepped-up play is one that may have a place.

ďYou still go back to: Does it in any way create more hits for that quarterback? And I didnít see that, really, as much as I might have thought that was coupled with the stepped-up play. They could be a real formidable team for us this year.Ē
Here ...
Well let's face guys looked good Monday night.

Another thing that nobody has pointed out yet is that two NFC East teams changed their schemes over the offseason, while the other two remained the same. The two teams that evolved their schemes won last weekend, leaving the other two to play catchup. It's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.
That's sort of a compliment by Jerruh but honestly I don't think the NFC East has a team on the same level as San Fran.
Next week the pac coast birds play SF. Either its going to be a blow out by SF or a dog fight . If SF goes on a roll they are going to be the terror of the NFC and there are going to be rabid SF fans foaming at the mouth .
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