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Full Version: I just saw the Vick "backwards" pass
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That pass was clearly forward. Both in real time and on the re-play. What the hell were the booth officials seeing?
exactly. inexcusable.
The best explanation I can think of, or at least that ive heard, is that it was one of those shitty calls where basically whatevers called on the field will be upheld, mostly due to a lack of completely conclusive evidence otherwise.

I watched the replays, as I'm sure we all have by now, and thought Kerrigan was clearly in front of Vick when he deflected the ball, thus it would have to be a forward pass, but McCoy is behind Vick when its thrown (presumably Vick was going to lead McCoy into the pass). Also, everyone on the play just assumed it was forward, Vick didnt chase it and even Deangelo Hall just casually trotted after it.

My best guess is that there's some other angle where the play looks like its a lateral, and if it isn't abundantly clear at every angle which way to go they can't overturn it.

The rule is it must be conclusive to overturn a call, but I think we have seen enough replay calls over the years to realize that the officials don't give a shit about how conclusive it is, they just go with what they think.
D Rock
The officials were winded.

Reality Fan
it ws the first time I have ever heard the retired official they bring into the booth actually say it was the wrong call....
QUOTE (Reality Fan @ Sep 10 2013, 09:37 PM) *
it ws the first time I have ever heard the retired official they bring into the booth actually say it was the wrong call....

To be fair, he said, "to my eyes, that looks like a forward pass" and then went on to say that based on the visual evidence, the official might not agree.

I've heard the 'expert' disagree a couple of time.

What pisses me off is that they got that 360 degree view they are always showing off, but when we need it, they've only got two lousy camera shots.
I believe that the benefit of the doubt has to be given to the officials and their original call, but it still looked sufficiently backwards to me from the angles shown that the officials got it wrong twice.
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