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Full Version: From WOW to Whew
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A whole lot closer than it needed to be, that is for sure.
Dr. Claw
QUOTE (SAM I Am @ Sep 9 2013, 10:37 PM) *
A whole lot closer than it needed to be, that is for sure.

Compared to last season's opener (win) against the Browns, where they looked every bit a 4-12 team in every facet of the game, I'll take tonight a million times over.

they survived a mighty comeback.
Eagles still don't have a safety worth writing about.
Vick appears to be hurt. Couple of others got banged up.
A horrible turnover by Avant (redeemed).
Defense doing too much with the soft coverage in the second half.

But while Vick had a few passes I wish he had thrown elsewhere (the miss of Cooper early on, but I found that more hilarious than anything else -- I might be the only one), there were a lot of positives.

#1 - I think Chip Kelly is properly utilizing the players he has on offense. This is an offense the Eagles could and should have had in 2011. Vick seems much more natural in it, and most importantly, the most explosive player on the offense is actually being used for more than score padding.

#2 - the defense (aside from the safety play, which is nothing new) actually looks improved and properly utilized. To think I don't have to cringe when I see #24 on the field again. If Nnamdi was out there, that one crucial 3rd down stop would have been a flag. I liked what I saw of Bradley Fletcher, Cary Williams, Fletcher Cox and ESPECIALLY Mychal Kendricks. Even Trent Cole looks like he can play in the new defense and new position.

This game was antithetical to almost everything I had grown to dislike about the last few years of Andy.

Sucks that Vick is fragile. He really is the best option for this offense and tonight I think he showed why he won out in the QB competition. The mistakes he made didn't lead to turnovers tonight. I almost wasn't even scared like I might have been last season. He also had some beautiful throws tonight. If he goes down, I can only hope Chip can adjust (speaking of which, the one sack Vick took... WHERE THE HECK WAS JASON PETERS? did he get taken out of the lineup for that play? I hope Chip never runs that one again, LOL)

I still think the Eagles are an 8-8 team but this has a potential to be a 10-6 team. and the NFC East blows big time.
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