In case you didn't know this, the waiver wire is not like the draft per se.

In the draft, KC picks one, then Jax, then Oakland, then our beloveds. So worst case scenario, we get the fourth "best" of the cuts, right??

Well not exactly. The first team gets to claim as many as they would like, then the 2nd team does the same, then the third team, then us.

So how did it go?

Like a train wreck from the Eagles perspective.

KC claims 6 off waivers
Jax claims 7
Oak claims 2.

Howie is on the clock with the friggin 16th "best" pick!!!

Sheds light on two things. #1 How it maybe explains why we only got one waiver wonder. #2 How much of a mistake it was not getting something for Harbor. If the good teams at the end of the waiver wire could be picking waiver #100-150 instead of #25-32, they had a ton more incentive to make a deal. Shame on us for not getting it done.

The Chiefs and Jags had to cut 13 players who just made the team yesterday. Maybe Andy's team ain't all that after all.