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Full Version: We got a CB from Cincy, released Marsh, named 4 PS
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More to come.

5th round pick in 2012 draft.

Was rated 111th best prospect by draftek. Mid 4th talent per them.

Adrian Robinson got low enough on the waiver wire to be picked up by Denver.
Shepard to the Bucs.

Things that make you go hmmm:

We make our cuts and as is required, all of our guys go out to the waiver wire.

So far, four of them get picked up by others: Harbor, McCoy, Robinson, Shepard

As a bad team from last year, we take our hard earned place at #4 at the waiver wire table and we have a premium seat from which to pick from.

That premium seat has resulted in one pickup, CB Prater from Cincy.

A bad team has four of its players picked up on waivers and that bad team with a premium spot from which to cherry pick the falling fruit from every other organization in the league, 28 of whom were better than us, and we only found one ripe apple??

Are our players on the roster so good that none out there are better?

Are the players waived by others so bad, that they're unworthy of midnight green?

Did other organizations scouting depts. value our castoffs better than some of the guys we kept? (Kind of like the same way they valued Watkins, Jarrett and Marsh a little differently). (I'm sorry, that's a cheap shit stirring shot on a holiday weekend but the devil03.gif made me do it)

Does Howie only date prom queens and hasn't found any who fit the glass slipper??

What gives? We're talking the worst pass defense in the NFL, recently converted to a 3-4 where we need a lot of depth to fund that conversion?

C'mon Howie. The girls on the waiver wire may be a little chubby in the caboose but these chicks we have now are butt ugly.

Pull the trigger!!!
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