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Full Version: Final Cuts Are IN
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Versus my expectations:

Guys I thought would make it but didn't - Harbor, McCoy, Salas, Watkins

Guys who made it I didn't think would - Igwenagu, Marsh, Hughes, didn't IR DFR Kelly

I don't get Iggy over Harbor. He does nothing for me.
Only one backup OLB, only 5 WR.

Like I said, with our # 4 waiver claim spot, I expect we'll pickup three players who will make this team. So expect three more signings/cuts.
Watkins was in an impossible situation. Had limited football background, was drafted in the 1st round and switched from college OT to NFL OG, had to learn a new system under Mudd from what he ran at Baylor, couldn't work out his rookie offseason because of the lockout, then got thrown in there as a rookie starter...then this year had to unlearn everything from Mudd's system because of the different blocking scheme, and here we are.

A lot of fans on different boards are downright gleeful that Watkins is gone, I guess seeing it as a further indictment of Reid's tenure. Myself, I hate to see them give up on a guy before his rookie contract is over. I suspect he could end up like Jarrett, R. Sapp, and Te'o as a guy who makes good for another team.
Also: Dallas released tackle Demetress Bell, 49ers released WR Chad Hall. Bucs cut P Chas Henry.

Both Quentin Demps and Akeem Jordan made Andy's KC roster.
Here's the roster count by position:

Specialists - 3

Offense - 24:

QB - 3
RB - 3
WR -5
TE - 4
OL - 9

Defense - 26

DT - 2
DE - 5
ILB - 5
OLB - 3
S - 5
CB - 6

Scratching my head here. Matthew makes the team b/c they say he can play both inside and outside. IMO, he can't play either. He has never done anything to separate himself in all the years he's been here. McCoy, who they cut, made more plays in one half Thursday than I remember Matthews making since he's been here. I used to think he had pics of Andy, but I guess he must have some of Chip from Oregon. Jeez!

We only go 9 on the OL even though Kelly just had back surgery??

Our weakest position on the team is DB's so we keep 11 of them??!!! I can be OK with 5 Safeties, but please, 6 CB's? Cmon Howie WTF. If the top 4 suck, the top 4 + 2 non as good a the top four who suck does not make it any better.

Hey Howie, go get me one CB, one OLB and one OL and get rid of Marsh, Hughes and Matthews and I'll feel a little more confident that maybe, just maybe, you are recovering from that pitiful 2011 draft, and this dreck of a defensive backfield you put together this offseason when it was priority one. 20 some million left under the cap and a defensive backfield that still isn't better than the shithole we had last year. The 3rd string QB from the lowly Jets whose top two QB's suck, lit us up for close to 100 passer rating.

The more I think of this secondary, the more pissed I get.

There's no fucking excuse for that defensive backfield. None!
The entire 2011 draft can kiss my ass. The 1st and 2nd round picks both gone, both garbage when they DID play. When that decrepit, senile old bastard in Dallas finally croaks, I hope they hire Andy Reid as their GM.
QUOTE (TGryn @ Aug 31 2013, 07:14 PM) *
Watkins was in an impossible situation. Had limited football background

Correct you are Sir. In other words he was a bust, plain and simple.

QUOTE (SAM I Am @ Sep 3 2013, 04:45 PM) *
Correct you are Sir. In other words he was a bust, plain and simple.

He was a needs-oriented pick expected to start his rookie season. Those are usually poorer picks: Jon Harris, McDougle, FredX.

On the other hand, Cox and Johnson were also needs-based picks. We'll have to see whether they pan out. And Kolb was definitely not need-based when he was picked, nor was Justice. There's no definitive guarantee, just that desperation tends to make for desperate picks.
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