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Full Version: Tidbits About Roster Cuts,Pract. Squad, Free Agents
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How much money is at stake with roster moves, cuts and practice squads??

A bunch.

Make the roster, and your minimum is 23,824 per week for 17 games (405,000 per full season)

Get cut and get signed to the practice squad and your min is 5,700 per week (96,900 per full season)

If you get called up from the practice squad to the 53 man roster, you get paid the team min for a min of three weeks.

If you do the math, any practice squad player who gets the call to the 53 man makes at least 151,272.

To put it in perspective, this compares to medians of 26.5K for hs grads, 43.1K for college grads, 52.3 for Masters. Not bad work if you can get it!

When cuts are made, anyone who has less than four years service, must go thru the waiver process.

Anyone with four or more years is a free agent, free to sign with anyone.

The waiver claims go in inverse order of 2012 record, with tiebreakers being SOS. We are 4th. So anyone who gets cut, we get 4th dibs.

When cuts happen, in order for a player to get to get to the practice squad, a player must clear waivers. A team that claims the player off waivers must put the player on their 53 man roster.

If he clears waivers, (ie no team has claimed him for their 53 man roster) he becomes a free agent, and then can sign with the practice squad for the original team (or anybody's practice squad, for that matter).

The $5,700 per week is a minimum. Teams can pay free agent players any amount to lure them onto their practice squad. That money counts against the cap. I know we had that $25M (??) cap room for something!!

So even if we don't want to put a guy on the 53 man, we can still "show them the money" and bring them here.

After thinking about this, I think that Dennis Dixon will get paid above the minimum for our practice squad. It will be interesting to see if he does.

I corner the market on corners and safeties. Put them all in and find a few good ones!!
It would seem that the odds of a couple of young DBs with potential and/or LBs getting cut and making it to Philadelphia would be pretty good.
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