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Full Version: First Wave of Cuts Are in
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I did a revised list after watching last night's game. I thought that a few guys earned their spot that I didn't think would, but based on their play last night, I think are in. Acho and McCoy. I am not sure Sheppard makes it, as I think gets beat out by J. Maehl. I had Kruger getting cut, which he would have, so he gets a timely injury that protects him. Joe Gibbs would be proud.

The guy on the fence for me is Harbor. I mean Casey has done absolutely nothing, but they can't cut a high FA can they? I think they have a bunch of tricks up their sleeve with Casey, otherwise he must be a bust. In the end, I say Harbor makes it despite his unimpressive performance last night. The casualty of him making it? I had Tucker getting cut for Harbor's spot. Tucker may be able to sneak on the PS.

They say the roster is at 62 with the above cuts, which leaves us 9 to get to the 53 man limit.

Here are my remaining cuts:

IR D. Kelly to bring him back according to new rules where one guy from IR can come back.
RT M Barirro (although maybe the Reynolds cut makes room for him??) PS material
TE E. Igwenagu (PS material)
WR R. Sheppard (51-49 it could be Maehl) PS material
RB M. Tucker PS material, but could p/u someone else here
OLB T. Long - didn't show anything. Surprised he wasn't cut with first group
SS D. Sims - if this guy can't beat out our bunch, he's not worth having
CB C. Marsh, B. Hughes - there will be 8 CB's available Sat at 4:01 better than these two stiffs.

Bottom of the Bubble:
#53 ILB C. Matthews
#52 TE C. Harbor
#51 DE D. Square
#50 OLB C. McCoy

I predict that three players will get signed by us in the next few days that will replace three defensive players, not necessarily Square and McCoy.

EDIT - I did not notice that OLB Long has not been cut. Revised list to cut him and keep Matthews.

If I had to create a practice squad from my cuts:

QB D. Dixon
TE E. Igwenagu
WR R. Shepard
WR I. Momah
OT M. Barriro
RB M. Tucker
OLB T. Long
DE D. King

The bottom two I have no interest in keeping. I'm sure there are others worthy of our PS elsewhere.
Shepard played well on ST and that may get him on the 53. Will this list be affected by a trade or two? Howie has shown an inclination for player-for-player trades.
Some new cuts out

Clay Harbor
Russell Shepard
David Sims

Roster currently @ 57
QUOTE (make_it_rain @ Aug 31 2013, 12:49 PM) *
Some new cuts out

Clay Harbor
Russell Shepard
David Sims

Roster currently @ 57

Ouch Harbor!! He'll definitely make another team IMO. Not surprised at others. I thought they'd hang on to Watkins until Kelly comes back. I figured given the injuries, they'd stash the 1st round pick for a little while longer.
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