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Full Version: The 2011 Draft
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Was reading a piece this morning about how nearly half the players (5 of the 11) the eagles drafted in 2011 are no longer with the team, and quite a few of them are struggling to even make a roster spot elsewhere in the league.


Jaiquawn Jarrett
Dion Lewis
Brian Rolle
Greg Lloyd
Stanley Havil

Not to mention our FIRST rounder Watkins is on the verge of not making the roster this year himself. Fuckin LOL. Is he the biggest bust in the history of this team (maybe like Haddix or something?)

Funny enough, there's also a piece out discussing the 2011 draft and how it was one of the strongest defensive drafts ever

Thank you Howie, Thank you Andy

So, if and when we watch this defense get torn to shreds this season, we can take comfort in that we have absolutely zero projected starters on defense from that abortion of a 2011 draft.

Well, lucky for us, according to Jeff, Howie had nothing to do with that draft.

so we're safe!!
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Aug 29 2013, 10:50 AM) *
Well, lucky for us, according to Jeff, Howie had nothing to do with that draft.

so we're safe!!

lol true. In fairness, I went back and looked at it a little bit closer, and I don't think it was as bad of a whiff I initially thought it was (at least by Eagles standards).

Eagles had a pretty low pick that year, and most of the players picked after Watkins were garbage. So, it's not like they passed up Von Miller to get Watkins, Miller was simply never an option (barring a trade up, of course).

There were some later round picks that turned out to be very good players (Richard Sherman comes to mind), but they're in every draft, and it's basically scratching lottery tickets at that point.
Why do I remember Watkins (we got around #15??) being rated like the 50th best player by the draft guru's? Some had him in the 80's right (maybe draftek?)

I thought I remember being a reach that would make Brett Brown happy??
Reality Fan
another example of why you never draft for need over best player available.....

I would love to know exactly what happened that year because it led to a housecleaning over 2 years

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