I like this quote because it's both optimistic and puts our expectations in perspective. No doubt there's a long way for the defense to come before it's where it needs to be, let alone where we view "Eagles defense," intimidating and dominating. Not this year, maybe but if there's a foundation for what Chung is saying it should be interesting to watch these guys evolve.
Chung said he likes Davis' approach to defense.

"Fly to the ball, aggressive, mental, full-speed football, man. If you make a mistake, go full speed. That's what I like about Billy. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Just play confident out there and have fun," Chung said.

"I think we're at the beginning stages of building this defense," Davis said. "The foundation, the fundamentals, the learning of the scheme, the way we communicate. Establishing that - every defense wants to be that feared, intimidating defense, and I think the foundation is being laid - but there is so much work to be done yet. The words don't get that done. Those are things that happen on Sundays, with the way we play and the way we hit. The way we tackle, the way we fly to the ball. We took a step forward last week, but there are so many steps left to take."

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