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Full Version: Wet blaket or reality?
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Preseason is fun. Watching the new guys fight for jobs. Simple schemes. Here's a cold shower to bring us back:
Right now, Chipís offense is being greatly helped by the passivity of the defenses heís facing. For months, we read stories about how every defensive staff in the league was studying ways to beat spread option looks, and yet so far we havenít seen anything all that innovative beyond some rotations by the Patriots to mess up the reads with different edge defenders.Itís going to take some time before the league fully understands everything Kellyís trying to do, but Iíll be shocked if our week one opponent ó a team that has more than a passing familiarity with these same offensive concepts ó isnít ready with a big bag of tricks we arenít seeing yet.

Link ...

They may figure it out, but not week one.

We go into DC and kick their defense's ass.

Now whether or not our D holds them off enough for the win...........................

I say yes.

We win week 1 in DC!!!!

Hop on the train, tickets are cheap and still got room left!!!!
Wet Blanket

Knowing how to stop it is one thing, actually doing it is another. Adrian Peterson is a prime example. He's 99% of the Vikings offense, everyone loads the box when you play the Vikings. Yet AP is setting records.

Everyone knows what Chip is bringing to the table with Vick, Shady, and Jackson. Stopping it will be an entirely different dilemma
I'll be honest, Chip Kelly is not my cup of tea. I find his personality grating, I hate his Oregon fan boys who make memes like this:, I disagree with his practice philosophy and his perpetual hurry up offense.

Having said that, I think he has already accomplished two very important things with the team:
1. He has drastically improved the defense. The defense struggled on that first drive against the Pats but has been very solid since. At Oregon, Kelly never had any talent on the defensive side of the ball but he was able to keep opponents points down anyway, despite the fact that his D's were on the field all the time. Yeah they allowed a bunch of yards, but that doesn't matter. It looks like Kelly has overnight managed to do the same thing with the Eagles.

2. He has returned accountability. He has put his foot down to make sure everybody is doing what they are supposed to do. So far in the pre season we've seen far fewer mental mistakes and better fundamentals, even from Vick.

The Eagles passing attack has been so efficient this pre season that it is simply impossible for them to carry this level of dominance into the regular season. But I don't think anybody expects the O to look this good when the games start counting. You still have to figure this offense puts up 23 points a game at worst.

My concern for the team is what happens when Vick has a bad game, or a string of bad games? The pressure to bench Vick is going to be overwhelming, but benching Vick will cause a lot of division in the locker room.
There are a lot of smart DCs in the NFL and I'm sure several of them will come up with effective counters to whatever the offense is doing. For me, that's simple logic.

What I remember with Reid was that he would have a great game plan for a team but if the opposing DC was giving him problems he was very slow to adjust. This is where I have hopes for Kelly. He seems a quicker thinker than Andy and his offense is supposedly designed to adjust; not smarter, simpler. That's what I'm going to be interested to see evolve, the adjustments during a game.
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