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Full Version: Anybody else enjoying this theater?
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D Rock
Fucking Hilarious. What a douche . . .

RGIII don't wanna go there w/ Mac5
Bocadelphia Eagles John
hey ... donovan .... stfu ...

that is all ...

Just wait until Donovan gets a coach who knows how to use the running game. Then you'll see...
Just waiting for Sam to chime in with declaring yet another incident of black on black crime against his son. rolleyes.gif
Reality Fan
hard to defend McNabb.....hell....impossible....he is a nut job
I saw the title of this thread and thought it was going to be about Brady going down in New England and the Patriots suddenly looking at the awful (yet karmic) possibility of a Tebow led season biggrin.gif
RGIII may regret not listening to McNabb...

If he goes in before he's fully healed, tears his ACL for the third time, and ends his NFL career in his second season.
QUOTE (JeeQ @ Aug 14 2013, 09:54 PM) *
RGIII may regret not listening to McNabb...

If he goes in before he's fully healed, tears his ACL for the third time, and ends his NFL career in his second season.

"I hope the best for the young man, but the direction he's going in is really a direction he does not want," McNabb said. "He does not want to go there with me, especially when I got the last word."

so sad

this is not about playing when coming off an injury

its half Dmac needing attention and half needing to talk sh** about shanahan to his new star QB.

i honestly have no idea whether RGIII is a nice guy or not....he has wisdom beyond his years to not let himself be influenced by a has-been with a axe to grind against a coach HE STILL HAS TO PLAY FOR

Part of me honestly sides with McNabb in this argument though. From what I've gathered about RGIII is that he's a humble person and fairly well spoken...but he has limited to no self-preservation right now and it might honestly cut his career off before it gets started. Maybe D-Mac's motives are slightly...or greatly...self motivated for attention, money, whatever...but is he really that far off-base? How many of these young players, not just QBs, keep trying to not only defy their own bodies, but authority as well?

Shanahan is trying to keep RGIII off the field until the games count, or at least so he says in public, and that's commendable...which makes the "brainwashing" comment a bit illogical.

But the way that RGIII keeps pushing verbally towards playing in the pre-season makes me truly perplexed as to the whys. If a coach tells you no, and you keep doing press conferences and interviews saying how much you want to play, it creates a media carnival. So again...why? Is the Washington brass, including Snyder, trying to get RGIII out there week 1 to fill seats? Is there a power struggle between said higher ups and the Shanahans as to how the depth chart truly will look that 2nd Monday of September? I dunno what the situation is aside from what the media feeds me, but I think McNabb's comments can be vindicated later on if it truly does end up getting leaked that the Skins are caring more about the bottom line than Griffin's health.
D Rock
This is nothing more than DMac needing his ego stroked.

RGIII is twenty thousand times the quarterback McNabb ever was and Supa5 knows it. He doesn't give a shit about the young guy. He only wants him to worship at the altar of his own self perceived greatness. And when rebuked, he goes into the typical pity party response of a career "professional injustice collector" that he's always been.

The guy is a pathetic comedy routine at this point in his life. He played "nice guy" at his retirement dealio at the novacare, but he just cant help himself from showing his true colors every time he opens his fool mouth.

Anybody who thinks Donovan F. McNabb gives a rats ass about RGIII, his injury, and/or his long term career prospects is giving him WAY too much credit.

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