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Full Version: The Reaction to the Utley signing amazes me
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Listening to the airwaves, I would say it's 75-25 AGAINST the resign.

This dude plays the game the right way, hustles his ass off, is still one of the top quintile offensive players in the game.

Last night, he runs a catcher over in a meaningless game for a meaningless team and lays it on the line every night.

I'm ecstatic they signed him.

Utley's #2 in my all-time Phila athletes: Off the top of my head:

1. Dawk
2. Utley
3. Carlton
4. Rose
5. Trotter

Curious as to others' top five.
Here's the presser

I'm happy
I'm happy too. Although I am not sure I would place him #2 on my list. Perhaps. I don't have a list at moment. Lefty was one of my all time favs but #3 is strong. Definitely don't agree with Rose and Trot at 4 and 5. Love them both though!
Fucking local Philly fans make us all look like dipshits. This is one of the few moves this team has gotten right. He's top 3 in the league at his position. It's a team friendly contract. And it's fucking Utley.
If we're going to piss away money signing a guy who will miss half of the next two year's games, I guess Utley should be the guy.

Again, Amaro has driven the team into the ground. I don't mind resigning Utley, if not for the fact that we are obligated to Rollins and Howard, and have no catcher to replace Ruiz. We'll be looking at a very similar team next year.
D Rock
I don't watch much baseball, although it's winning me back over the past couple of years and since my kids are in playing these days . . . but

Isn't Chase always hurt? The best ability is durability?
Baseball isn't like football as far as replacing guys is concerned. There is no one at the position capable of filling his shoes, even if he only plays 120 games a year. Unlike 1st base, the ability to fill that position isn't plentiful. Despite his time off, we'll be better off than 28 other teams at the position for the next few years. And no one will be riding the pine as a result.

Not to mention that the guy is Dawkins like in his presence on the team. Truly deserving of being a career Phillie. I couldn't be happier about the resigning.
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