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Full Version: You Are the Judge IN the Cooper Case
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I offered these five choices because these are the ones I heard mentioned over the airwaves this week. Any others I heard closely resemble these. Based on discussions on the airwaves, I didn't offer a lighter sentence option as there weren't many if any people suggesting that.

Please answer honestly and elaborate if you care to.

I voted for the option he got. The public embarrassment, the facing of his teammates, the living of whatever career he may have left in the NFL environment will be punishment enough. He will have a hard time ever regaining most of his dignity back.
I answered #1 and that it wouldn't matter if he was a star or not. But the thing that worries me is how players from other teams will respond on the field. Is he going to be a target for cheap shots? Cooper has made his life and his career a lot more complicated.
D Rock
Most of what I've come across as far as players from other teams response to this suggests the Eagles locker room is taking it much more seriously than the rest of the league.

I've read a good bit of "I said stupid stuff all the time, so who am I to judge him saying stupid stuff."

Here's one example....


Titans S Bernard Pollard has no issues with WR Riley Cooper; “I can get past it because everybody deserves a second chance,” Pollard said. “If I was his teammate, who am I to throw the first stone? I have said some things and done things and people have forgiven me.”

I didn't vote for any. I would've given him the maximum fine, and addressed the locker room to make sure there wouldn't be a fractured environment (sensitivity training is a patronizing and ridiculous dog and pony show). If there was, I would release him. If not, he can stay as my 3rd stringer and risk getting cheap shots, and before long people would forget.

I would give the same punishment to a star receiver as well. The financial hit hurts Riley more of course, and the liability of putting a $100 million receiver in the crosshairs of the league's defenders would obviously be worse.
I voted for one - What he Got: Max Fine, Sensativity Training, Return to the Team - provided it doesn't become a long-term distraction to the team. If that becomes the case, I cut him loose.

Also, he may want to consider getting some alcohol counseling on his own if he recognizes that it may be a problem.

As to whether or not he was a star player, that wouldn't make one bit of a difference to me.
Has to be option one and there shouldn't be one rule for stars and another for bubble players.

You can't start giving the locker room a veto over teammates, and the other options seem more suited to criminal matters (eg Stallworth got a one year suspension for killing someone).
D Rock
QUOTE (HOUSEoPAIN @ Aug 3 2013, 10:28 PM) *
sensitivity training is a patronizing and ridiculous dog and pony show

100% agreed
QUOTE (D Rock @ Aug 4 2013, 07:13 PM) *
100% agreed

I don't know if it is.

For instance, most people know the N word is a disparaging word but do they know what it means?

The term "cracker", thanks to Rengel's rant this week is back in a few media circles (not many though). Most people think it means a prejudiced white person. Very few know that it means a slave owner who cracks the whip on the backs of slaves.

Point is, I think there is room for education of these and other hateful rhetoric and if they educate in "sensitivity" classes, then I'm OK with it.
Reality Fan
I think the whole thing is ridiculous. It was an ignorant comment and demonstrated some serious stupidity on Cooper's part and I would have understood if the Eagles cut him but, that being said, this was a total non story. Where was all the indignation with McCoys comment on his gf/baby mama? I get the Eagles disciplining Cooper but the story just got blown way out of proportion. I was ready to through up listening to every white guy calling radio shows starting their call with "some of my best friends are black.." before tearfully saying how hurt they were. It was pathetic. We all have friends of many colors and if I was in a bar and the term was used like that I would have a problem with him but this whole thing became a total mess thanks to the Philly media who love this kind of shit.

I am glad it seems to have died before Sharpton, that bottom feeding piece of shit, came to town to try to make a buck off it.
I don't know the man. But if you're on the roster of an NFL team, most of your friends are black. You hear them interacting with one another and calling one another the N word as a regular matter of course. So it's not hard to imagine how, after a few drinks, a person could use that word with no racial intent whatsoever.
D Rock
QUOTE (Reality Fan @ Aug 5 2013, 01:59 AM) *
I am glad it seems to have died before Sharpton, that bottom feeding piece of shit, came to town to try to make a buck off it.

Or Nutter.

I voted for immediate release + would make a difference were he a star, but that's how I felt before all this happened. Cooper simply isn't a good WR despite his size - he's a decent ST guy, that's about it. For where he was drafted he's been OK, but he's not an NFL starter by any stretch. Right now the WRs are DJax, Avant, then a bunch of scrubs including Cooper, so keeping him or cutting him makes little difference as far as that goes.

Maybe Kelly's got this super-offense planned where he can overcome a lack of WRs with scheme and formation alone. Guess we'll start finding out this week.
D Rock
Cooper has more upside as a starter than avant by a wide margin.
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