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Full Version: Chip Belichick or Bill Kelly?
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Fully cognizant that the NSA is closely monitoring my every keystroke, I was browsing some not-so-new stories pertaining to the Eagles. I'm not sure if "Eagles" will get me audited by the IRS, but I decided to take the chance.

Anyway, I re-read this Grantland piece about the drafting of Barkley and found some renewed enthusiasm for this season. Not so much about Barkey per se, but about Kelly and thoughts on how he will transition to the NFL. By the way, I think the moniker of "genius" will initially be an albatross for the Chipster.

We've read about Kelly's relationship with the reigning NFL genius and many of us have used that connection to bolster our hopes for his success in Philadelphia.
His intellectual relationship with Bill Belichick has been well documented over the years, particularly as Belichick has embraced Kelly's frenetic no-huddle philosophy. Indeed, if the moves Kelly has made over recent weeks are any indication, then I'm not so sure Chip Kelly is trying to bring Oregon to Philadelphia. Instead, he might be trying to bring New England.
Belichick has been in the NFL for a long time and has worked for and with some pretty impressive coaches. Although we look at what he has sought from Kelly I'd have to think that intelligence moved the other direction as well.

Competition being a foundation for any sport and an absolute necessity/priority at the NFL level, I have to assume that Kelly will be striving to at least match his friend/student/mentor. They'll be working together during training camp and even though I'm sure each coach will be disguising the really good stuff they'll undoubtedly be looking closely at the little things to try to learn whatever they can, especially the new kid, Kelly.

There is a very real possibility that Kelly will join the Spurrier Club in a year or two but the hope and the anticipation that he will break the college-to-NFL coach curse is part of what makes this season, and potentially 2014 so interesting.

Tight ends + running backs - 50 pass plays per game = psyched for 2013.
I though Bill Kelly coaches for Penn State? ohmy.gif
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