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Full Version: Peters: "I'm pretty sure we're not going 4-12 again"
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Good read on the OL:
I'm pretty sure if 2 of the most important lineman didn't go down by week 2 we wouldn't have gone 4-12. Hell, I believe if we coulda at least kept Kelce we would have finished with a better record
D Rock
Losing Kelce was a big blow for sure, but we were TERRIBLE at LT all year. Peters loss was 10 fold that of Kelce's.

Bocadelphia Eagles John
It's rare for any super bowl team to be playing that game with it's O line intact to then from opening day. But ours was descimated early, and it was costly and our record was abismal as a result. And the team wasn't able to make the necessary adjustments to overcome it and win more games.

It's one of THE major dependencies, having the best possible depth to cope when guys get ding'd. And this game is played in the trenches, while the excitement goes to the skill positions and D. ST's gives me the heeby geeby's.

I sure hope our guys on this stout O line stay healthy. If they do, we have more than enough talent to make some noise and cause some damage. And with some new style of Offense heading our way, it sure does elevate the curiosity.

The anticipation is quite something. I only hope most of it goes the way we want it to.
Gotta admit I am considering even maybe buying a new Eagles cap. The one's I have are looking old. And my favorite of all time got cut to shreds at the end of a certain game against a certain team that SUCKS on a fucked up kicking assignment.

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