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“I’ve been going home at nights like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ I sit around and talk to Chip [Kelly] like, ‘I want to be out there.’ Sometimes I feel like I was in a lose-lose: What if I go out there and run myself in the ground or look bad?” said Phillips. ”It’s been tough, but they have been patient with me and when I have had the chance I was out there making the right calls and being in position, not perfect but the coaches know I have a great understanding of the defense and the scheme, so I think I’m OK.
Here ...
The fact that he lacks confidence in his knee definitely doesn't bode well for him. Eventually you have to stop worrying about that and just play. Hopefully that mindset doesn't affect his play physically or he can very well end up getting cut. I anticipate us keeping 4 safeties and there's alot competition there.

The way I see it after reading that article now is Chung, Allen, and Anderson are pretty much locks. That leaves Phillips competing with Coleman, Sims, and the rookie for 1 last spot. And the one thing I will say about Coleman is he'll give maximum effort whether on the field or ST's and would be a solid back up, he's more than just a camp body. The rookie could be a practice squad candidate, but could also compete for the active roster. Phillips is a good player, but he has to bring it and not play scared. He better show something when the pads go on.
That does not sound good.

It looks like the Eagles played the "sign a recently injured safety in the offseason" game again and it doesn't look like they're gonna win.

I think we need to go comb the remaining FA list and try to get someone who can play safety. Chung was benched at NE last year, so it looks like our S spot is weak again. Go out and get somebody now before other team's injuries take them off the market.
And to that, Rotoworld says:
The Eagles signed Patrick Chung to a three year deal, but there’s a reason he only played three snaps in the Patriots’ final two postseason games. He can be frustrating with his lack of awareness and positioning. Kenny Phillips is another big name at the position, but he has had trouble staying on the field and is only on a one year contract. Wolff is a physical and reliable tackler with awareness to disrupt throwing lanes in zone coverage. That might seem vague and somewhat minimal when discussing a potential starting safety, but as I stated before, we are kind of in the dark with the Eagles’ defensive scheme. As more information becomes available my expectations could change, but for now I would be surprised if Wolff’s career is mostly spent on special teams.
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