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Full Version: This guy gets it
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D Rock
I dunno who this Dan Graziano guy at ESPN is . . . But he states the "Vick-ensian" reality perfectly.

"I believe Vick is earnest. I believe he wants to succeed, and is willing to put in the off-field work that he needs to in order to do it. I donít think heís lazy or aloof or not smart enough to pick up this new offense. What I think is that Vick, who turns 33 next month, is simply what he is, and that you have to take the good with the bad. He can say and do all of the right things in OTAs and minicamps, but when the games start and the play breaks down, nothingís going to stop him from doing what he knows and what heís always known ó holding the ball too long, trying too hard to make the spectacular rescue play instead of dumping it off or throwing it out of bounds and living to see the next play. Thatís the kind of quarterback behavior that has consistently, throughout Vickís career, led to turnovers and injuries and frustration for his coaches."

Vick may open the season as the starter (he shouldn't, but might) but there is no way he finishes it as a starter.

That's Ashley Fox's article, he linked to her. Her premise was this was Vick's last chance in the NFL, but I don't get how after 1 year leaving Philly she knows the minds of all teams in the NFL. She didn't even know whats on the minds of the Eagle's front office.

I think you he may be underestimating the impact that coaching could have on him.

1. Somebody to hold him accountable, where he loses his job if he doesn't play well

2. A system that emphasizes getting rid of the ball in 1.6 seconds, AND that uses designed QB runs. There are fewer, easier reads in this offense. By design that should hide a weakness of him holding onto the ball too long. He is allowed to run, this should promote a strength, one that Andy coached long and hard to get him out of doing. Yes, he has the injury problem and that is there and is a caveat.

3. A QB two best friends: #1 a very good offensive line and #2 a running game.

How many of Vick's problems happened within 1.6 seconds of the snap? If he can't master the quick read and release, he won't be the QB. But if he can, look out.

I'll give you an example of coaching. Vick was on 97.5 recently, and was asked by Mike Miss about his turnovers and a bunch of other tough questions. When asked about the turnovers, he made the statement that they're working on protecting the football and avoiding fumbling. Chip asked him in front of others to show him how he carries the football. Vick shows him, and says how it prevents fumbles. This is how he has done it in his career. Chip swats the ball out of his hand, takes the ball, and says hold it like this it will be much more difficult to fumble. Chip swatted at it and couldn't get the ball out. Everyone looked on astonished. Now here is a guy, who has made the PB a few times and has played for many different NFL coaches and nobody told him to change his hold of the ball. Chip sees it and corrects it in a second. I think there will be many things like this that will be very valuable this year.

Could he blow up and not be able to adjust? Yep. But if he can't, he won't be our QB. Can he get injured? Yep. Matter of fact, my vote in the other poll was he wins tha starters job only to go out with an injury like he's done many times before. If he can adjust and stay healthy, we'll be a really good offense. If he can't, we'll be in good shape with this coach and the backup QB, whoever that may be.
Wow, that was a nice post. I don't know if it will happen, but I like the thought that Chip can be basic enough to fix Vick. I like optymism.
I'll definitely take Vick from two years ago, any day.
oh kool another 'lets teach Vick how to" anecdote...

followed by the obligatory interview with someone where he mentions how he has now learned "X". which both illustrates how teachable he is and also highlights how much new coaching will revamp and improve his game (LOL) at 33

couple years ago he "learned" how to slide and he "learned" how to not be careless with the football. we all said 'Wait. nobody ever told him to slide? after all the coaches and the years and the PB?' ah well it was only cuz AR was that much smarter than all those other chumps. AR was a July. then the games started

i said i would give Chip the benefit of the doubt until i see some games played and i still say that so i wont doubt him for this "hold the ball like this mike" nonsense. im hoping its just a bit of theatre for a team and a city that he needs to buy in quickly. if i thought Chip really didnt understand that Vick is who he is i would be worried
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