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Full Version: So You Want To Tryout For the NFL??
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Here's a little article that says how it works.

Here is a breakdown of the 41 participants of this weekends rookie camp for the Eagles

Of the 41, there are:

18 "Tryout" Players
9 Undrafted Rookie Free Agents
8 Drafted Rookies
6 Players Previously Signed by the Team, Pre Draft

It doesn't say how, but I guess these tryout players went to regional combines and the team saw them there and asked them to tryout. It cost the tryout players $275! I couldn't find anywhere if the tryout players are paid and how much.

Make it on the team, as an undrafted rookie, not too bad, you make $405K per year.
Make it on the team as the last draft selection, make a $45.8K signing bonus plus 405K per year.

Not quite good enough for the 53 man roster, but good enough for the practice squad. Make 5.2K for 17 weeks or 88.4K per year, plus have some offseason down time for some moonlighting. Not too bad.

And if you're on the practice squad and you get called up to the 53 man roster? That's not bad either. As soon as you're called up, you are guaranteed the rookie minimum for three games, regardless of how much you play or if they send you back down. In that case, a guy would get an annual comp of 144.3K (71.5 in rookie min + 72.8 in practice squad).

Maybe we should have tried out??
Bocadelphia Eagles John
with my best combine time of 8 minutes 27 seconds in the 40 I doubt I would make the cut.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ May 10 2013, 04:58 PM) *
Maybe we should have tried out??

Do they throw in free packs of Marlboros along with the signing bonus?

I'm too lazy to look it up, didn't Antonio Gates do something similar? Wasn't he a truck driver or something?
I'd be the perfect backup punter, as long as they don't need me to kick! biggrin.gif
It worked for Vince Papale.

And if Todd Pinkston could start for the Eagles, then I'm sure I can at least make the practice squad (for those that haven't met me, I have a similar build).
QUOTE (Eyrie @ May 11 2013, 06:23 AM) *
I have a similar build

Are you referring to one of Pinkston's arms? devil03.gif blah.gif
Well, I always wanted to try my hand at quarterback, but now that I'm an old guy with a cane, I doubt there are many rosters I would have a chance at competing for a spot...although I suppose there is always the Browns.
QUOTE (Zero @ May 11 2013, 11:47 AM) *
Are you referring to one of Pinkston's arms? devil03.gif blah.gif

He's lost weight? ohmy.gif
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