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Full Version: Chipadoodle offense
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Pretty interesting read here:
Kelly is clearly bright, committed, and open-minded, but the idea that he can step into the NFL and run any offense — spread, pro-style, West Coast, Coryell, Wing-T — seems implausible. He shredded college football running a very specific attack based on very specific principles, and the mathematical advantage he gained from having his quarterback be at least some kind of a threat to run was a central tenet. He might be able to adapt his offense to his players and coaches, but this is not the same thing as continuing and growing what worked at Oregon.

One likely possibility is that keeping Nick Foles on the roster and drafting Barkley in the fourth round is nothing more than a hedge. Although the NFL's elite last season essentially used one of the two apparent foundations of Kelly's Oregon offense — either the up-tempo no-huddle (Ravens, Patriots, Broncos) or the read-option (San Francisco, Seattle, Washington) — Kelly is smart enough to know that defenses might have more answers than they had last season.

There is another possibility, though. In addition to drafting Barkley, among the major moves Kelly made was signing tight end James Casey in free agency and drafting Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, two movable chess pieces to go along with Philadelphia’s other multipurpose tight end, Brent Celek. These moves might be an indication that Kelly’s focus is shifting from the roster of speedy running backs and dual-threat quarterbacks he had at Oregon. Instead, Philadelphia may be looking to mesh the fleet-footed receivers already on its roster with a group of dynamic tight ends. As part of that group, Kelly is likely hoping Barkley can be an extremely accurate, intelligent, intangible-heavy quarterback who can efficiently operate his lightning-fast no huddle.
Bocadelphia Eagles John
gosh ... imagine ... a lightning fast no huddle offense ... takes my breath away ... I can see myself going "wow" watching that ... a nice dream to have at this juncture.

Whatever one's opinion, there sure is some fun "talking" going on ...

As I've said before, I'm just excited to be looking in a new direction, with a new helmsman. Right now, in my mind, CK is the greatest HC in Eagles history until proven otherwise! biggrin.gif

But I do like the apparent trend of versatility in our new personnel. I haven't been this excited during an off-season in a long time.
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