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Full Version: Adding Barkley to the mix
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I don't watch college football. The only things I "know" about college players is what I read online.

I haven't been a fan of Matt Barkley because he played at USC, seemed like a pretty boy and didn't seem to fit either Andy's or Chip's offense. The Eagles drafted him and I'm reading about him. I'm warming to him.

I don't see that he's a spectacular physical specimen. He doesn't have a strong arm like Vick or McNabb. He's not a particularly fast or even mobile QB. He's not really big.

He is apparently very dedicated to football. He's played in a pro offense, supposedly the WCO in USC. He's a hard worker. He's supposedly very accurate, very smart ... football smart and intelligent. People say he's a big time leader. From what I read, Barkley is a solid citizen ... a good person.

I'm anxious to see what he does as a professional NFL QB.
If I am Michael Vick, I am not happy. If I am Vick, I know I am a veteran, injury-prone quarterback with turnover issues and I know I have to compete for a roster spot. Not a starting spot, but a roster spot. I know I have to outperform a younger mini-me who has a head start understanding head coach Chip Kelly's offense (Dennis Dixon). I know I have to outperform a young competitor who outplayed me behind the same terrible offensive line (Nick Foles). And I now know I have to outperform Matt Barkley, a hungry fourth round draft pick from USC with something to prove, who is apparently… ahem… leadership-prone.
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I think you have the perception that he is a pretty boy because he's a blonde haired, blue eyed QB from USC; but that isn't the reputation he has. He's extremely well respected by teammates, which says a lot to me.

First 3 time captain in USC history, too.

His arm is plenty strong, but more importantly, he's accurate. And he's 6'3" 230. That's pretty damn good size. He's also got big hands, which I pointed out earlier and is really important to the Chipper. What he lacks in athleticism, he makes up for in awareness.

He had a bunch of weapons at USC this past year, but their line was soft as butter.
D Rock
Agreed. I'd also add that while he's not going to be confused with a scrambling athletic type . . . he's not wearing cinder block shoes either.
Here is a great breakdown of Barkley's weaknesses:
Here's Ray Diddy's perspective on Barkley.
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