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Full Version: Barkley could end up being a great pick
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A week ago ... shit, a day ago I would have laughed my ass off at anyone saying the Eagles would draft Barkley. No fit, wasted pick. Stupid. Have another beer, idiot.

But I've either been smoking too many mushrooms or I see a crack in that logic. Barkley may end up being a good or very good QB because he stayed an extra year and slid down to the fourth round.

If he had come out last year he likely would have gone to a shitty team who would have anointed him a savior. He would have had pressure to start immediately, win and turn the franchise around. But in 2013 expectations are lower and all he'll need to do is compete. He can enter the season carrying a clipboard without a problem or he can be the backup or he can be the starter. He won't have the fanfare and he'll have a solid OL and a solid running game to help him. He'll have time to be coached and not killed.

I like that we have a change in regime in Philadelphia. The Era of Chip is growing on me and I like where the team seems to be headed: be patient, build the foundation before you shingle the roof. Barkley seems to fit the foundation concept and if he flames out a fourth won't kill us. It seems like Barley and Foles will eventually be fighting it out for starter/backup and that competition should help both of them and the Eagles.
He should be a solid starter some day.

Open competition, bring him in and let the cream rise to the top.

BTW, I just love listening to Chip explain stuff. You can see he thinks quickly and has a clarity of communication.

I know some of that is anti-Andy, but it is refreshing.

Warning though. I thought the same thing about Doug Collins until he went goofy on us at the end and quit, leaving the team a shell of itself.
I don't think Collins is as quick as Kelly or as passionate. Kelly has no life except football and if I were a shrink that'd worry me.
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