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Full Version: Answer Me These Questions Re: Barkley
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Did Chip Kelly make the determination that we do not have good enough QB's on our roster?


Was it solely a value pick that we couldn't pass up?

My guess is the latter.

If it was the former, then I think they screwed up and here's why.

If they knew coming in, that the QB position was not to their liking, they should have picked Barkley sooner.

Follow this logic.

1. If I'm not happy with what we got, then I have to draft a QB.

2. Maybe I agree with many that there were no legit QB's to take with #4. So we pass on QB and take the OT.

3. Now we're on the clock in the 2nd round and still, other than the huge reach for Manuel, all are still available. Now maybe there are four guys we'd be OK with, and we still think that at least one wil be available in Round 3 so we pass picking one up in round 2 and instead we pick the TE.

4. Now, we still need a QB and it's early in round 3 and we're up early in the draft. Smith and Glennon are gone so we need to ask if all of our QB's will be here at the end of round three. IMO, there is no way that they could know or expect that Barkley or two others would be there for round 4. If they deemed that they needed a QB, they would have to have picked one there. They didn't.

5. Along comes round 4 and we TRADE UP to get a QB. The fact that we traded up when we were 4th in the round, means to me that the remaining QB's we wanted was a very short list (probalby one, Barkley). That being the case, we saw a value we couldn't pass up.

I don't see how we saw QB as a big need and let it go until the 4th round. Barkley was solely a a value pick.

Also, if you really weren't happy with either Foles or Vick, working a trade for one of them late in round two or early in round three, give you the opportunity to get a 3rd round pick this year. Now if they trade, it will be for either a 5th this year or a future pick which is a discount.

That's another reason I think it was value.

Can a team with so many needs, draft for value there?? I don't think so. If it's value at a position of need, that's another thing. But if they saw it as a position of need, we would have drafted him a round earlier.
I think it was a combination of not completely happy and BPA.
A USC QB? Yuck! I would've kept Foles over him
QUOTE (JeeQ @ Apr 27 2013, 02:04 PM) *
A USC QB? Yuck! I would've kept Foles over him

Come on man! Lol I understand what you saying though. Those USC QBs never pan out. But Barkley will not be another Sanchez, I think he's more legit. The guy has already broken TD records and everything and we got him in the 4th there's definitely something to be said about that.
A fourth round QB is a strange choice for the 2013 Eagles.

If we need a starter, then we take one early. If we want to see what we've got, then we start Foles and as insurance prepare to pick one early next year. But a fourth round QB is usually a career back up and not a future starter.
D Rock
As an L.A. Resident and Angelino for 15 years, I see a lot of USC games. Barkley is not cut from the Leinart, Sanchez mold. He's more of a football junky than those guys who were more concerned with being king shit of Lala land...
Reality Fan
As I read the rating on Barkely I was reminded how silly a lot of these ratings are. If I recall correctly it talked about his arm strength being poor or average and I had to think...this guy must be the luckiest guy ever because he holds every passing record at USC and the Pac 10 and he did it with a weak arm.....go figure.....

I don't know much about him or whether it is a good or bad pick but the evaluations just get more and more I read said one QBs strength was his ability to see the field and run through his progression and then in the weakness portion it said he has a tendency to lock on his receivers.....I forget which guy it was but it cracks me up how the evaluation contradict themselves on the same page.
ESPN Numbers Don't Lie did a thing about his arm strength and said its a moot issue.
One thing about arm strength.

It would seem to me, that if one was to incorporate drills into the combine, putting a radar gun on a QB's throws would seem to be more valuable info than whether or not he has a 40 inch vertical leap or how he does in the broad jump.

They should clock their speed on ten yard out patterns.

Also, they should measure how many yards a QB can throw.

The accuracy measures are all incporprated in the passing drills, but to me, those two bits of info are valuable.
Kelly's familiarity with Barkley shouldn't be underestimated re: the decision process. MB regularly put up big numbers when he faced Oregon.

Barkley's inability to work out at the Combines because of his injury may also have hurt his stock a bit.
From their push in FA and trade to their statements and actions in the draft, they're not building a team for 2013 but they're build ing for 2014 on. It looks to me like they're creating a base for Team Chip and are sticking to their word of drafting best player available (who fits their criteria).

This year is going to be weeding and planting ... getting rid of the players who either won't buy in or who are unable to perform up to the coach's expectations. I'm sure Kelly wants to develop his core and leader base and almost every one of the players they drafted have had something special mentioned about them someplace. It seems the Eagles are trying to gather competition to grow their culture. I think next year's draft could be more directed at holes. For now, it's a new beginning and it looks like it could be fun to watch.
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