We have no 6th round pick. We have three normal 7th round picks plus one non tradeable comp pick in the 7th.

Here are the trade point values for those 7th round picks that are tradeable:

#210 = 7.4 pts
#212 = 6.6 pts
#218 = 4.2 pts
Total = 18.2 pts

18.2 pts gets us to the 183rd pick which is the 15th pick of the 6th round.

If we trade the 210 and 212 picks we get 14 pts which is good enough to get us to 193, which is the 25th pick of the 6th round.

I guess we'll wait until the 6th round gets underway to see if anyone drops down that we need to have.

I don't know about you, but I thought the three 7ths would get us into the bottom of the 5th but not so. A little disappointed here.