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Full Version: The What's Wrong With This Guy Game
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Here's what I have heard about what is "wrong" with each of the top picks as it relates to football in general or with the Eagles:

Joeckel - nothing
Fisher - played against weak competition
Floyd - may not be compatible as a 34NT or 34DE
Jordan - only 4.5 sacks, he's injured and way too light
Johnson - only played OL for two years, is too light
Milliner - five surgeries before the age of 21
Star - quit football a few years ago and ballooned way up in weight while out.
Warmack - may be too heavy for fast moving offense
Cooper - nothing
Austin - smurfs don't make it in NFL
Ansah - limited playing experience, only started last ferw games
Richardson - not a 34 DL
Mingo - too light
Werner - got great stats b/c of the other guys on his DL
Vaccaro - nothing
J. Jones - too slow 4.9 40, and may not fit in our scheme
G. Smith - not a top ten 15 talent. Thin skin, not an ellusive runner, bad senior yr record W-L

So only Joeckel, Fisher, Cooper and Vaccaro get by unscathed.

It's a wonder any of the others will get picked in the first round!!!!!
Or, picked at all! It's obvious they all suck because the pundits know. wink.gif
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