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Full Version: fwd: Interesting post from EMB on Eagles' minicamp practices
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"Duck fan I think I know the Chipper pretty well. Here's a couple of my guesses, based on the practices I've been to both when Chip was the OC and the HC.

- There wasn't a huddle. Anywhere. I bet the huddle is gone entirely. I would bet a reasonable sum that the Eagles won't huddle all season. I didn't see the Ducks huddle once, in a game or in practice, in the 6 years of games, or probably the 20+ practices I saw. When they want to take the air out of the ball, and slow the game down, they run to the line...and then just stand there, as the clock ticks down. It's a little eerie to get used to, but Chip does this so the D can't sub. If they pull players, you just snap the ball.

- When Celek says "from a communication standpoint it's gonna change the league", it's cause EVERY player has to know all the calls. Each individual is responsible for getting their call from the sidelines. Again, there's no huddle, and plays can get in much more efficiently.

- I would bet a healthy sum that the Eagles will lead the league in plays by a healthy margin. Maybe as high as 15%. Chip ain't gonna change his stripes. He thinks there's a per-play advantage to be had by playing fast. He's not going to give that up, except for VERY specific in-game clock situations, or when the game is well in hand.

- If you want a breakdown for "who's playing with the 1s/2s/3s", good luck. It rarely works like that, and even if it did, Chip wouldn't tell you. Players are flying in and out. Position groups are constantly changing, with their own rotations. It is VERY fluid. When it's up and running, they're firing a practice snap every 15-20 seconds tops (that's no joke). The 2s get as many reps as the 1s. Chip wants something like 140+ reps out of a practice that goes less than 2 hours...he'll watch the film afterwards to grade how everybody did.

- Players LOVE this kind of practice. There's no standing around. None of this 5 or 6 hours on the field BS. Get in, fire it up, and get it done. And since they let the college kids pick most of the practice music at Oregon, I'd be shocked if he didn't let the players pick it here (funny story, Chip used to demand 2 song picks per practice...and he almost always picked Country. So there'd be a long list of R&B and hip-hop tracks...and then break in with a Country ballad)

- Chip's playbook usually isnt that deep. When he says 15% of the offense, I would guess that means he's installed the Inside Zone Read, the Outside Zone Read, and a couple passing concepts...and they've run those 5 or 6 plays about 200 times already.

- When reports say Vick was "better with the ZR today", that doesn't necessarily mean he was "bad" on the first day. Getting used to the ZR takes some time. The pure mechanics at the mesh point are something you have to pick up. Chip wants THOUSANDS of reps on this action alone before it's live-go time.

- Per the draft - I would bet it's between OT and OLB. Thats how Chip builds teams. He has to find out some things immediately. If the returning O-linemen aren't athletic enough to get out and destroy people in space, Chip will find someone who is. If Cole is incapable of dropping into coverage at OLB, they'll draft his replacement (he's not going anywhere, but his reps will become very situational). Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd be shocked if they picked Gino at #4.

- The shakes are the tip of the iceberg. Chip's got theories about contact days, how to "ramp-up" to gameday. He made Friday (the day before game-day) a hard practice with contact, cause the research says in any "weekly cycle", you're at your peak performance on the 2nd or 3rd day of the cycle, not the first. There are schedules for when to push mass-building weight training, vs almost exclusively olympic lifts. Tons of nutritions stuff. Sleep schedule stuff (he wants his players sleeping 10-12 hours a day). And on and on and on. "
It will be interesting and hopefully fun and successful.

Good info!
Definitely an awesome post. Thanks, T.
My popcorn is ready
Great post!!!
Very informative, and gives some good insight into what we can expect. I just hope that the players can cope with the pace!
QUOTE (Eyrie @ Apr 19 2013, 01:30 PM) *
Very informative, and gives some good insight into what we can expect. I just hope that the players can cope with the pace!

I think Chip is trying to condition the players to keep up with the pace.
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