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Full Version: Weak Draft Classes Vs. Strong Draft Classes
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This concentrates on actual performance of each class.

When I get a chance, I'd like to compare expected performance, this year vs last year to see how weak this class is thought to be, if that is the case.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Apr 16 2013, 12:09 AM) *
This concentrates on actual performance of each class.

Most people equate 'great' drafts with the amount of QB talent taken. It's interesting to look a the 1996 draft, where you had Tony Banks in the 2nd, Bobby Hoying in the 3rd, and Danny Kanell long after (I didn't recognize any of the others, but there were very few total), but this was arguably one of the best drafts ever. In the first round alone you had 15 pro-bowlers, including a few hall of famers. The Ravens didn't have a bad first round, with Ogden and Ray Lewis, then they picked up Jermaine Lewis later on. Hell, we got Mayberry and Dawkins. Lots of killer players in that draft, with no QB talent at all - apart from Geno Smith this could be one of those drafts.
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