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Full Version: Lewis traded, will the Eagles draft a RB late?
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Brown was a nice gamble that, if he can hold on to the ball seems to be turning into a win for the team. Do the Eagles play some more odds this year? If this kid from Duce's alma mater can recover we may start chanting "THROW THE DAMN BALL, CHIP!" laugh.gif
Lattimore stepped up to the line and made a cut left. As he turned the corner, he was met simultaneously by two Volunteers defenders -- linebacker Herman Lathers and cornerback Eric Gordon. With Lathers wrapping up from behind, Gordon blew in from the left, gunning for the ankles. Lattimore's left leg planted, supporting the linebacker's full airborne weight. His right foot came up to step, and with that leg bent and rising, his knee slammed into Gordon's oncoming helmet, cap to crown, and collapsed between the 190-pound defensive back's torso and the grass.

When the upper half of Lattimore's body hit the ground, Lathers rolled him over and away from Gordon, who rose to chase the loose football. As Lattimore's lower extremities whipped overhead, his right leg, from the knee down, was bent strangely at a near-90-degree angle. It flapped directly over his face like a loose flag, slapping into the turf beside him. "As it went by, I saw my kneecap outside my leg, just totally in the wrong place," he says.
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I'm a USC fan. If we get Lattimore I'd be absolutely ecstatic. I've seen every game he's been in. He's not the kinda back that hits home runs like CJ2K, but he's good for 4,5 yards a carry between the tackles. He'd be a stud in the redzone
Not sure how high I'd take him but I would take him for sure at some point. Potential aside, he is a leader and great guy to have influence others.
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