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Full Version: Is Watkins the key to the Eagles pick at #4?
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If new OL coach Stoutland thinks Watkins can be a solid starter at G then maybe the Eagles won't need to use the #4 pick on Fisher or Joekel. Peters says he's been 100% since December. If that's the case then picking one of the two OT would seem to either displace Herremans or put the player drafted on the bench. I guess there could be a trade but ... Great to have insurance, great to have that kind of depth but better to fill a need with a similarly rated player ... no?
Apparently this guy disagrees with that.
Picking one of the premium OTs makes sense in this draft class for simple fact that not only can we move Herremans inside,but our current OTs are getting older and are sure to decline within a year or two. If not, good. That just gives us more depth incase of injury. A lot of people talk about Kelly, I just don't see the hype. He's a backup at best to me.
Check my rant last year when we drafted Kelly and all the others who chimed in. Pretty funny.

TG had him in the late 20's in OT rankings and we picked him 11th!!

He was the next King Dunlap!!!
I don't trust Herremans at tackle anymore, and that was before he got hurt. It seemed like he lost some of his mobility as the year went on last season, and starting to struggle with speed rushers is usually the first symptom of the end of the line for OTs.

At #4, I say go best player available, regardless of position. Historically, most of our big busts in the draft have come from trying to fill an immediate need. As the saying goes, "Learn what it is that you don't do well, then don't do that thing."
D Rock
QUOTE (TGryn @ Apr 3 2013, 01:59 AM) *
At #4, I say go best player available, regardless of position.

Totally agreed. I been "pounding the table" for Warmack for over a month!!!
I think it's less about drafting for need and more about positional value. Some positions simply don't warrant premium draft picks. Especially when players are routinely found at those positions in the scrapyard. See: Evan Mathis
That's where you differ from the brain trust of the team and people on this board. It would be better to draft a tackle at that position in the draft that fits the teams ideal as a lineman. Warmack doesn't fit the ideal, he hasn't played any position but guard. The team can pick up a guy in later rounds that can play center or guard. The team can pick up in later rounds someone like Pugh out of Syracuse that can play Tackle or Guard. The team will not pick a guard in the top 5 which hasn't been done since when? Someone looking out of shape without versatility.
Another thing: from what I've seen as a fan, the last person you want to rely on for info about injuries is the player themselves. Invariably they'll say "Oh, yeah, I'm ready to go, not hurt at all!" The team won't give accurate info either if they can help it, since it gives other teams an advantage.
QUOTE (D Rock @ Apr 2 2013, 09:29 PM) *
Totally agreed. I been "pounding the table" for Warmack for over a month!!!

Also agree... I think with the moves the team made to address needs in free agency, they have deliberately put themselves in a position in the draft to select best available. And not just in the first round. I have a feeling Roseman/Gamble/Kelly have a big board of their best guys, and they'll stick to it. Maybe with an occasional trade or two. wink.gif
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