You have to think there's been talk already, but nobody really admits to it. Now Kelly can start selling his program. I have serious doubts that a lot of these guys will buy into the 10-12 hour sleep program ... how we supposed to have fun, dude? Then again, we'll see how Chipperoo is at selling.
April 1: Offseason Program begins
April 16-18: Voluntary veteran minicamp
May 10-12: Rookie minicamp
May 13-15, 20-22, 28-31: OTAs
June 4-6: Mandatory minicamp
June 8: End of offseason program
June 21: End of rookie program
July 25 ?: Training Camp
One thing for sure, players who want to play for this team will need to buy into most of what Kelly is selling. The big question is, as it has been since Kelly's name was first mentioned as a potential HC, will he be another Spurrier type where nobody is buying?