I reviewed the following depth chart, to try to prioritize the Eagles draft needs by posiiton:


I think the Eagles are unlikely to draft a RB, WR, or OC in the first five picks of this year's drafts, b/c they are relatively deep positions. I do list some OC has OG prospects on the list.

I then used my draft compilation of players rankings to try to target those players at positions of need that would likely be available with proper value given for where the Eagles were picking. I used nine different rankings to do the compilation. The range of possible picks expand as you get deeper in the draft. One reason is that for every team that reaches and selects a player below the range we're picking, that makes players above the range available to us. For example, if we're picking 35th, and five of the first 34 picks are below our 35th ranked player, that means we may be able to get the 30th best player on our board at #35. The further along, the more "reaches" for other teams.

Based on position starting talent and/or depth (or lack thereof), I would rate our needs in this order for this year's team:

1. OG/OT - if we draft a OT, Herrmans plays OG. If we pick a OG, Herrmans is our RT.
2. CB - not believing in Fletcher as a starter
3. 3-4 DE - Cedric is a nice player, but concerned he is listed as a starter.
4. 3-4 OLB - not sold on Cole. The new guy from Hou should be able to hold down the other side
5. ILB - not sold on Kendricks as a 3-4 ILB. Ryans long in the tooth
6. DT - we have Sopa, but very thin after that and Sopa didn't play much of the game in SF
7. QB - Vick and Foles are OK for this year. Need to find the future in case Foles isn't it.
8. S - Chung was benched and Phillips was injured. Need youth and depth and competition immediately.
9. TE - Casey buys us time, but Celek was disappointing lately.

So, who are the prospects that may be value in these positions in the range we're drafting? Note I eliminated any DE or OLB who was strictly a 4-3 prospect. Also, obviously if we go OT in round one, then cross off the OT/OG in later rounds and so forth.
1st round, 4th pick, 4th overall. Value range 2-7 +QB Smith (no way Joeckel lasts to #4): 7 possible targets

OG/OT - Warmack, Fisher,
CB - Milliner
OLB - Jordan
DT - Floyd, Lotulelei
QB - Smith (a value reach per the compilation as he was #18, but you never know...........)
2nd Round, 3rd pick, 35th overall. Value range 30-44: 8 possible targets

OG/OT - M Watson
CB - J. Banks
DE - C. Caradine
DT - S. Williams, K. Short, J. Williams
S - J. Cyprian
TE - J. Ertz
3rd Round, 5th pick, 67th overall. Value range 57-77: 16 possible targets

OG/OT - L. Pugh, T. Frederick, T. Armstead, D. Thomas, K. Long, B. Jones
CB - J. Taylor, D. Amerson, B. Wreh-Wilson
DE - C. Lemonier
OLB - B. Jenkins, J. Collins, C. Thomas
QB - R. Nassib, E.J. Manuel
TE - G. Escobar
4th Round, 4th Pick, 101st overall. Value range 86-116; 16 possible targets

OG/OT - O. Aboushi, B. Schwenke, B. Winters
CB - D. Slay, L. Ryan, T. Mathieu, BW Webb
DE - W. Gholston
OLB - S. Moore
ILB - K. Alonzo, K. Reddick
DT - B. Williams, B. Logan
S - T. Jefferson, P. Thomas
TE - V. McDonald
5th Round, 3rd pick, 136th overall. Value range 116-136; 14 possible targets

OG/OT - C. Faulk, B. Williams, D. Bahtari, K. Holmes, A. Bailey
CB - D. Gratz
DE - M. Buchanon, D. Taylor, C. Washington, M. Goodman
S - S. Thomas, JJ Wilcox, TJ McDonald, B. Rambo

So out of these 61 prospects are your likely 1st - 5th round picks this year. Of course a trade or someone falling way down the board into our laps could change things. Among the 61 we have:

17 OG/OT
10 CB
7 DE
7 DT
3 QB (including Smith)
7 S
3 TE

Pretty good selection, except maybe at ILB.
Good news is we have Oakland drafing ahead of s most rounds and they reach like no other team!!
If anyone has any favorites or guys they hate on this list, chime in.