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Full Version: What Do You Look Forward To Most in Eagles Football
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Heard Baldi on tonight and he and his cohost were going on about how great the NFL is and football in general and they started naming all of these things they look forward to about the NFL.

I gave it some thought, combining Eagles and the NFL in general and just wanted to throw a few out there in no particular order of things people may find great about the NFL or Eagles football. Here are some possibilities I thought of with some from their show:

First Eagles Tailgate of the season

Attending The First Home Game

The first trip to the bar to watch a regular season game

The first Dallas Game, (or the Giants or the Skins)

The NFL Draft

The First Two Weeks of NFL Free Agency

The Opening of Training Camp

Final Cutdown Day

The First Nationally Broadcast Night Game in the Eagles Season

Thanksgiving Football

The Wild Card Round of The Playoffs

The Divisional Round of the Playoffs

The Championship Round of the PLayoffs

The Super Bowl

From this list, I look forward to the first bar gathering for a game, the first tailgate and live watching of a game, the Dallas game, the conf championships, the divisional rounds, the first two weeks of FA, the draft in pretty much that order.

Anyone have others to add??
just want to see hard nose football for a change. I want to see the us run it down their throat every chance we get cool.gif
QUOTE (MistahNickells @ Mar 21 2013, 09:49 PM) *
just want to see hard nose football for a change. I want to see the us run it down their throat every chance we get cool.gif

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if the expectation is that we are going to become some power running team, I think many of you will be disappointed.

Most likely, we will be a spread running team. But there are circumstances in which Kelly could become very pass heavy, as evidenced when he was at New Hampshire.

What he's never proven to be is a hard nosed offensive coach.
This particular year I'm looking forward to the next big thing from college getting his shot in the NFL. It may fizzle out and be a disaster, it may be a great success, but we'll definitely see some interesting things this year offensively.
I love this time of the year, talking with all you guys about who we want the Eagles to sign in FA then talking about the draft and who we want and why. Then watching that first game of the season is so weird watching it because it seems like it takes so long to get here and then OMG is here lol.....I can't watch Eagles games at bars, I get to distracted and can't hear the TV, I either like to watch with my Dad or a couple of friends.

I've enjoyed seasons when they've been a regular occurance, and suffered seasons when they've been rare. Now I'm prepared for a transition season, especially if we are bringing in the 3-4.
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